Have you Seen this Crocodile?

"The year was 1997. The Playstation was experiencing a tremendously successful infancy, with games such as Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, and Final Fantasy VII exploring the 3D frontier with groundbreaking flare.

One year later, Spyro the Dragon would launch another nostalgic series led by a charming mascot. But somewhere between Spyro and Crash, one guileless crocodile was hopping around, collecting crystals, and rescuing furry critters. His name was Croc and his legacy was a short but potent one."

- Maxwell Coviello

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jlukee1843d ago

Croc was without a doubt one of my favourite childhood characters. I always remember the boat race!

MWH1843d ago

I liked croc and its music.

Killzoner991843d ago

They need to bring Croc back for the PS4. He is a Playstation icon and I think he is perfect to dethrone a certain fat plumber.

DrChickenII1843d ago

Honestly this game needs to be done again, even a HD version would be nice. Vita too!

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