Grand Theft Auto 5 map is larger than you thought

Grand Theft Auto 5 map compared to the actual game size.

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Elit3Nick1481d ago

I thought this map was fake...

francisjairam161481d ago

We know its fake its just giving us an idea of what the mape is going to look like.

b163o11481d ago

Suprise its the San Andreas map....minis Vegas.

brodychet1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

It's so big.
Maybe too big.

....Don't say it.

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porkChop1481d ago

Well, it's been pieced together using actual pieces of the real blueprint map. You can tell it isn't fully complete though because it looks like there are some sections missing around the city. But this gives us a general idea of the size of the map.

JunioRS1011480d ago

apparently there's a giant forest in the game where a sasquatch lives.

Time to go squatchin'

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maximus19851481d ago

September 17 please come faster

Khajiit861480d ago

I am working on a time machine as we speak.

Raptura1480d ago

Honestly, this is the biggest double edged sword ever for me. Yes, I want GTA V right row, but when it does come out I'll be back in class. That's the worst part of it all. GTA V when schools back in session? Ugh.

JetsFool35001480d ago

If So Take Me To When It Release For Next Gen Because Its Gonna Be So Hard Holding Off

Lighter91481d ago

I wonder who's been disagreeing. And,uh, yeah, 8/17 can't come soon enough.

koh1481d ago

Yep, then there will only be a month left until it comes out!

Lighter91478d ago

lol, yeah I meant 9/17. (2 days later)

Alex2491481d ago

I hope they add Vegas as a DLC.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I hope they add an undead nightmare dlc , like red dead! It would be awesome to kill zombies with hammers and search for ammo or saving survivors!!

Alex2491481d ago

That would be awesome with such an immense city.

LackTrue4K1480d ago

yep!!! with online support...i always wanted the Undead Nightmare with coop/online open map

this could be the game to have that...

nirwanda1480d ago

Why ask for DLC when the game hasn't even launched yet.
I would rather it be in the game from the start.

InsaneGam3r1480d ago

They didn't add Las Vegas?1

GentlemenRUs1480d ago


I hope all the content is there without the need for DLC...

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claud31481d ago

Can not wait to explore the awesome map R* have made and get out there and just look in amazement at it