Games to Buy Before PS4 and Xbox One Launch

Many of us are saving for the next generation but there are a few more games coming out that you should really go out and buy.

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jjb19811808d ago

GTA V is the last game I will buy this gen. I will continue to play my ps3 but I'd rather buy ps4 games once it comes out.

RyuCloudStrife1808d ago

I am getting Beyond: Two souls and Grand Theft Auto V

jjb19811808d ago

I'm really interested in beyond two souls. I might wait for a really great price drop. I think I'll be too consumed by GTA V.

armad111808d ago

GTAV and Splinter Cell will have a PS4 version by summer of next year I bet, so I'll wait for those. Beyond probably won't be getting a PS4 version so I'll be picking that up. Probably my last PS3 game purchase.