GTA IV Week: Multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto IV has it (hands-on, details) by Destructoid

Destructoid writes: "It's no secret -- Grand Theft Auto IV has multiplayer modes. Surprise!

There at least 15 of them actually, and the integration is seamless with the single-player experience, in a way that's not unlike what Criterion Games pulled off with Burnout Paradise. Accessible any time, players can create, join, or search for multiplayer games by pulling out the single-player central character Niko Bellic's cell phone with the touch of the d-pad.

Rockstar isn't ready to reveal all of the mutiplayer modes, but they did give us a chance to go hands-on with four of the 15 plus that will ship with the game which hits shelves on April 29. Check after the jump for the first information on and screens of GTA IV's multiplayer, including detailed information on "Team Deathmatch," "GTA Race," "Cops N' Crooks," and the cooperative scenario, 'Hangman's NOOSE.'"

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