Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn–The (Mis)Adventures of a Complete MMORPG Noob

Allisa James from DualShockers writes about her rather...interesting first-time MMO experiences in the Phase 3 beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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Carheadbutt1720d ago

Great now I'm excited for FFXIV again, thanks

Abriael1720d ago

I have been excited for it for about 3 years lol. It's been a long time coming :D

ajames3471720d ago

Wow you're a pretty hardcore fan then XD

ajames3471720d ago

Haha I'm glad to hear it. This game is awesome to play.

Abriael1720d ago

It definitely is. Loved the newbie angle :D

Sonic56071720d ago

Fun read. Gotta try the game out sometime.

Myst1720d ago

The release date is still so close yet so far away!

ajames3471719d ago

I'm counting every second. The phase 4 beta is too far away for my liking.

maximus19851720d ago

Wow I can actually relate to this. I'm not into mmos but this one I has me interested

ajames3471719d ago

That's exactly how I feel. This game is just really appealing to me.