Club Nintendo adds Pikmin Tote Bag

Just in time for Pikmin 3′s launch in North America is a new Club Nintendo reward centered around the franchise.

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yugovega1873d ago

the bag is ok, but they need to add wiiu vc games on club nintendo. or better yet charge 200 coins for $10 eshop credit. it'd be nice to choose a vc game instead of only having 2 options a month.

admiralvic1873d ago

What they REALLY need to do is listen to fans and stop with this absurd mark up. The mushroom tote bag shares almost all the same specs and cost 150 coins less (this means that the cost of this bag nearly doubled?!) than the Pikmin bag (which was originally a Japanese platinum reward).

I can understand Nintendo doesn't need to do this, but it's getting to the point where it's borderline pathetic. Last years platinum reward was a set of posters or the Majora's Mask OST, which is a HUGE increase in value when you consider the Ocarina of Time OST was free with purchase of OoT 3D during the first week and registering it online. Since then they've also lowered the awesomeness of GWP bonuses to lotto style prizes and more useless coins. Prizes are very rarely added to the store and get restocked painfully slow. And now prices of items are going up, which isn't a problem as they add nothing to the store, but still depressing to see some prizes go up significantly in price.

kirbyu1873d ago

I hope it's not a limited time offer. I need another 180 coins to get it.