Leaked Gameplay Footage: The Evil Within's Presentation from QuakeCon

EvilWithinNET writes: "Vine users managed to snag a few short clips of The Evil Within's presentation, one showing Sebastian fighting Zombies, the other showing his head get cut off by the Chainsaw guy, and the last one is Sebastian in the Security Room, be sure to keep an eye on this post for more leaked footage, in the mean time, check them out below."


I've embedded and disabled auto play on the 3 videos below. Press the play button to view them. ~cgoodno

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Axisian1757d ago

Man, reminds me so much of RE4!! Just scarier (as it should be!) Welcome back Shinji Mikami!

cleft51756d ago

This game does look great.

minimur121756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I SWEAR I read an article that said you'd be low on ammo constantly, yet we see him here with 120 bullets spare

but I must say, that looks awesome. cant wait to try my headphones on it :3

Darth Gamer1756d ago

@ minimur12

If you look close, he only has 20 bullets spare. That first # is a 0. Cant wait for this. low on ammo, creepy hallways, zombies!! Looking like RE1 and I'm loving it!!

Pozzle1756d ago

" I SWEAR I read an article that said you'd be low on ammo constantly, yet we see him here with 120 bullets spare"

He only has 20 bullets. But to be fair, the original RE games sometimes gave you bullets in lots of 30 and 50 and I'd still manage to run out of them quickly. :/

ShugaCane1756d ago

lol at how the crowd goes wild when Sebastian gets his head cut off. It definitely look like a creepier Re 4, which is awesome since it's one of my favourite games of all time :)

itBourne1756d ago

Yah they went crazy, but not sure why, I didnt feel that cringe at all, not even close to when it happened in re4. Idk, I think the animation is off. We will see when we get better videos though.

vishmarx1756d ago


ikr that first time you approach the village gate without fulfilling the objective.
hes got such good camo with that sackhead and that chainsaw.
i screamed like a little girl watching leons head fall off

MemphisMayFire1756d ago

I can't wait! It looks great!

Unlimax1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Simply amazing ~

Oh wow lol .. if you noticed on the scenes Mikami making fun of RE6 xD

Mr_Pinky1756d ago

Yeah it reminds me of RE4 aswell which is a good thing.

Basicaly this looks like what RE5 should of been, take Resident Evil 4's formula and add more horror to it.

on_line_forever1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

i love resident evil 0,1,2,3 code veronica

but 4 is the beginning of disaster with stupid las plagas

i hop he do somthing like the golden parts 0,1,2,3, code veronica not like 4

4 has good rating because many people thinks its will be like the previous golden parts . 4 came with only good thing its the 3rd camera .

thats what i think .

Tdmd1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I hated the Las Plagas too, (found them much more goofy than scary) but despite of them, RE4 was still very atmospheric, and that's a really good thing. Should you take that hability to create a dark, moody setting and add into that a better (scarier) kind of enemy, it just can't go wrong. It's basically what Visceral did with dead space, and Mikami might do it even better.

MrTrololo1756d ago

The good thing is that it didn't have qte at all. Damn this game is going to be 10x better than RE4

1756d ago
itBourne1756d ago

Lol you watched 15 seconds to gameplay... how the hell do you know there is no QTE.

Rikitatsu1756d ago

^ Because Shinji Mikami said so.

bakasora1756d ago

If this game plays anything like RE4, I'm definitely getting.

RememberThe3571756d ago

If this ends up on RE4s level I don't know what I'll do with myself. I'm not even a Resident Evil fan but 4 blew me away. Too bad they made 5. Hopefully this with be a spiritual successor in a sense. I got my fingers crossed on this one.

TryMe1756d ago


But I'm confused why he claimed he was returning to the "survival horror" genre.

A survival horror is supposed to be methodically slow, and have ammo be a scarcity.

This seems like a fun house that RE4 was..with PEW PEW PEW with waves of monsters coming after you after every turn.


hakeem09961756d ago

A Better resident Evil than resident Evil

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SavageKuma1757d ago

Dude this game is going to be sick, it is about time we get some good survivor horror games again.

Virus2011756d ago

am I the only one that can't access the website?

RedSoakedSponge1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

nope :(

i cant either.

is there another link to the footage?

edit: ah its working :P

Virus2011756d ago

Yeah. I am now to see it as well.

Wow. Video 2 was intense.

Crazay1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Jeez...It looks alot more like Resident Evil 4 and 5...That actually makes me a little sad. I didn;t much like those games so I'm really hoping that the RE4/5 look is just the look and the game actually feels terrifying because those games were not.

Kyosuke_Sanada1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

With no enemies spawning ammo and Kung Fu Carl melee attacks, you'll be surprised how fast encounters are going to go sideways which is a good thing....

Crazay1756d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to see more of this and play it...And I have plenty of faith in Bethesda, I just hope it feels and plays better than RE 4,5 and actually 6 (though the latter was the best of the 3).

Kyosuke_Sanada1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Can't wait to see some Safehead action......really wished it went with the Resident Evil 3.5 perspective shift (from camera angle to over the shoulder when aiming.) but I am still excited with this.

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