Rainbow Skies Cross Buy Undecided, PS4 May Come Later, Rainbow Moon Vita “Definitely” Out This Year

"We will consider a possible PS4 release after the official release on the PS3/VITA platform. Everything else would delay the project even more." - PSLS

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doctorstrange1874d ago

Here's hoping for Cross Buy

ZodTheRipper1873d ago

I will only buy it for one platform anyway. If they would add cross-buy, people had wayy more reason to buy it so it would be the best they can do. I'm very careful with game purchases since my backlog is alteady huge but a good game with cross-buy is a no-brainer. Dragon's Crown for example has really caught my interest but I held off on buying it because it came without cross buy (and I can't decide on which platform I want to play it on)

dcj05241873d ago

Triple cross buy would be crazy lol.

AbortMission1873d ago

Getting it on Vita to support the devs making Vita games. I also preordered KZ:M and Tearaway day one.