‘GTA 5’ official strategy guide cover and discount revealed by Amazon

Amazon has revealed the cover, in addition to providing a big discount, for the official strategy guide of “GTA 5” on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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cellur1111840d ago

Why are these things still being sold? You can get the same information on the internet without paying for it.

SmokeyMcBear1840d ago

some people might want to sit and play and have this handy, and not have to get up to the computer and check something and go back and playing. Plus they are usually pretty nice.

alien6261840d ago

i dont see it for 14.99...

badappe1840d ago

i'm pretty sure by now, everyone who is going to buy GTA V have access to laptops/smart phones/wifi

RE_L_MAYER1840d ago

For games like gta and dark/demon souls/skyrim and few others they would come in very handy to get information quick if nobody has it online but I usually just collect strategy guides

calvincrack1840d ago

"Shoot guy in head, run 5 steps: now shoot other guy. Steal red car, (has to be red), now drive around for 20 minutes not doing any missions."

thatruth861840d ago

Who uses strategy guides for GTA like seriously

maximus19851840d ago

I do after I beat the game once so that I can know what details I missed.

thatruth861839d ago

You're absolutely right since I'm getting the collectors edition to gta might as well get the limited edition hard cover which I just ordered

maximus19851839d ago

same here. collectors edition too. so me and you both get our garage and hot rod. i just hope theres no garage cheat or i will feel quite foolish for spending 150 dollars for stuff you can just cheat code in

maximus19851840d ago

It's not 15 but the limited guide is way cheaper on amazon. Also its about getting the most out of the world after or during your first play through.

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