Eighth Generation Console Predictions Are Like Assholes

If you have an eighth-generation console war prediction, the likelihood of you being or becoming an asshole increases by at least 50 percent.

Do you think anyone in the 1980s, for example, would have guessed that Sony, of all companies, would dominate the home console market the latter part of the next decade, with Atari in no better shape than roadkill?

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thomasmiller1877d ago

and the trolls who make these nintendo is doomed claims are in for a big surprise, they think they know everything when in fact they know nothing!! I agree, the next gen battle is NOT set in stone, with this bad economy, all 3 systems could have rough sales for quite some time.

NioRide1877d ago

My favorite one is all these people thinking these "demo" video are real time, Its just like it was at E3 05, all the bullshots but people are too butthurt to admit that what they are seeing isn't what they are going to get, nor is it ever going to be what they will get with the system.

slimeybrainboy1877d ago

What do you mean? Like Quantic Dream's weird thing or inFAMOUS gameplay demos?

PIRGANEK1877d ago

Wht DAFUQ are you talking about? Im so lost in these comments.

p0tat0stix1877d ago

Where is this guy's data coming from? I would estimate more towards 99%. Get your unsourced facts straight.

FateoftheGame1877d ago

I didn't reach far enough into my own ass, obviously.