Elder Scrolls Online Gets New Video

The last trailer showed us the creepy Scamp race, now the latest ESO video shows us even more! The new 23 minute video shows off so much gameplay footage with some casual commentary in the background.

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Thisguyised1842d ago

Can't wait for this game. Going to get to play it early at Eurogamer Expo London!

Khajiit861841d ago

I would click agree but I wont be there so im too jealous.

jeffgoldwin1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Looks way fun if your a mmo fan.

thekhurg1842d ago

This game will not be able to compete in the F2P market. They're trying to create a single player experience, which will cause a mass exodus of players a month or two after launch.

SWTOR went through the same problems. You cannot make a MMO with a paid subscription service and have it focus on non-MMO systems.

opinska1841d ago

Agreed, this game will be doomed...