Top Five Most Exciting PlayStation 4 Games

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Last Friday we spent some time talking about the Xbox One titles that excited us the most. This week we're changing focus from Microsoft's next generation offering to Sony's with the PlayStation 4. There are great number of interesting games, and this list was very difficult to make. Once you've read through our list of five games and rationale for why we've placed them here, why not tell us which titles that you deem most exciting and buzz-worthy from what PlayStation 4 is currently offering?"

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Relientk771841d ago

Great list, definitely looking forward to all those games

StoutBEER1841d ago

Metal Gear and Kindom Hearts 3 are coming to Xbox One as well. 0_0

JunioRS1011841d ago

Yeah it's a real bummer. KH3 needs to be ps4 exclusive as well as MGSV.

MGSV DEFINITELY needs to not be released on current gen plats, but of course they're thinking with their wallets (booo to that)

corvusmd1841d ago

Those games look good, but why are 3 of the 5 cross platform?

ZHZ901841d ago

These are just games that are PS4 whether Exclusives or Multiplatform. Just PS4 games in general.

corvusmd1841d ago

I see that, but the XB1 list is only exclusives

ZHZ901841d ago

Can you show me the link of article that shows most exciting games on XB1?

Also don't forget that KH, FF & MGS in general have high PS fanbase since PS2 & PS1 era respectively so you'll see them included in most exciting PS games even if they are multiplatform.

Ksar1841d ago

I will play Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III on my Xbox One. Thank you Sony :)

Snookies121841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

You don't have to thank Sony exclusively on that one. Thank Microsoft and Sony for both having great consoles in terms of specs and hardware. It's because of that, that Tetsuya Nomura and Hideo Kojima were able to put their games on both. Whereas before, neither of them wanted much to do with the 360.

StoutBEER1841d ago

Yay! I'm really excited for the Xbox and all its features. And after watching Pewdiepie play Kingdom Hearts got me interested a lil bit, so it's nice ill be able to play this on my Xbox.

XboxFun1841d ago

FF XV - "It will also feature third-person shooter elements."

Wow, nobody is upset about this?

Snookies121841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

It's action focused... You can switch party members... One of them has a gun. This was going to be in from the beginning.

Besides, FFVIII had guns in it. Irvine shot, Squall and Seifer both had a gunblade. There's nothing wrong with some guns being in the series. If it was primarily focused on that, then yes I would have a problem with it. As it stands now though? Nah, it's just in there on the side. Nothing wrong with that at all.

XboxFun1841d ago

I find it strange that the shift in focus and departure from the benchmarks of a FF game is being met with no rage.

I would be sure that no one would want any type of western shooter influenced like mechanic in their FF.

Capt-FuzzyPants1841d ago

If you don't think there have been people complaining about some things in this game not being traditional, you obviously haven't been paying attention. Because there are a lot of mad people even thought I don't think these changes will be permanent and surely won't transfer to later Final Fantasies.

Dread1841d ago

Great list of multiplatform games. However,
I wil probably play most of them on my xbox one

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