Why Xbox One needs Crackdown 3

Latter-day open world games claim to be about freedom of action, but that freedom comes at a cost: the gradual transformation of the player into a glorified shopping trolley. Take a moment to reflect, if you can bear it. When's the last time you saw the bottom of your inventory screen in a Borderlands game? And how many tailored, tinted, fundamentally useless items of period attire have you stapled to Connor in Assassin's Creed 3?

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Tony-A1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

The first Crackdown was a great game. As long as they don't make a third like they made the second, I'm on board.

MizTv1694d ago

I loved the first one also
Real fun game and cool co-op
Never played 2
But i am very interested in a possible 3

BLAKHOODe1694d ago

Stay away from 2.. it was horrible.

Docknoss1694d ago

I think the Xbox One will do just fine with out it

Eldyraen1694d ago

I agree, but would do "better" with a solid Crackdown title as well or at least likely appease millions of fans. It needed more substance though as was fun but lacked something (enough staying power though for demand of another which still tells us something).

Its like saying the PS3 was just fine without a new Jax and Daxter--while true bit disappointing for many (just an example as all consoles had missed opportunities).

HugoDrax1694d ago

Best part of Crackdown 2 was the wing/glide suit.

JunioRS1011694d ago

The first Crackdown, I was on board.

The second Crackdown, I was on bored.

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GhostPanther1694d ago

They should add a Real Story in that game if they make it. Other than that it is a fun game if you want to mess around.

Dlacy13g1694d ago

I have a feeling Crackdown 3 is coming and will get announced at Gamescom. Call me crazy conspiracy theorist but something tells me the free games MS is giving all will have some kind of tie in to future games on Xbox One. AC2 priming for AC4 Blackflag, Crackdown free priming for Crackdown 3, Halo 3 is a primer for Halo 5/Xbox One version of Halo Assault Squadron, Dead Rising 2/Case Zero primer for Dead Rising 3. Only Defense Grid throws my theory off but given MS is promising lots of "indie stuff at gamescom" we could see something from the Defense Grid team coming to Xbox One downloadables.

SuperLupe1694d ago

Interesting theory and would make sense.

xActionBasturdx1694d ago

This is probably the most logical thing I've ever read on this site. It makes sense now that you mention it. I'm all for it if they do decide to bring it on!

HacSawJimThugin1694d ago

I agree...playing through Crackdown again and wondering why these particular titles are being given alludes to what we are getting next gen. Crackdown 3 would be greatly appreciated on behalf of my friends and I.

QuantumWake1694d ago

Who is going to develop Crackdown 3? IIRC Ruffian Games (the developers of Crackdown 2) were working on another title and confirmed they were not working on the 3rd one. MS needs to definitely find the right team and give them all the money and time in the world to make the best Crackdown possible.

Just thinking about a next-gen Crackdown gets me excited. I downloaded the free version of CD1 and I'm just having so much fun with it! Hopefully MS announces a CD3 at Gamescom. Make it happen!

christocolus1694d ago

Phil Spencer claimed crackdown was one of his favorite games and could be brought back. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed

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