Carmack “extremely unlikely” to develop for Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita

Don’t count on any Wii U, 3DS, or PlayStation Vita games from id Software founder and technical director John Carmack.

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Neonridr1840d ago

the title is not exactly correct...

It states that he really would have liked to have brought Doom 3 BFG to Wii U, but there isn't a large enough install base to warrant it. That doesn't mean that he will never develop for Wii U.

I love how suddenly 1 + 1 = 3 in the journalism world.

darthv721840d ago

that seems to be the sentiment from other devs as well. If the user base increases then so would their possibility of developing for it.

But you cant increase the user base without developers making games for it.

Wii-u, the catch 22 of consoles.

cleft51840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Basically, Nintendo is going to how to boost sales by being the primary developer for the console. Then developers will claim that while the console sells well only Nintendo can make money on the platform. A vicious cycle really. I hope the day comes when Nintendo just stops focusing on 3rd party developers that simply won't to complain about Nintendo as whole and just focus on 1st and 2nd party development.

abzdine1840d ago

i think this guy talks too much and gives too many pointless opinions. What game did he make recently? RAGE? oh well...
and Quake is dead, so if people talk about this guy because he worked on Quake i think media should get over it.

Dlacy13g1840d ago

I just want Carmack and company to make a new game I really care about. I though RAGE was going to be that for a moment but sadly it just wasn't it.

porkChop1840d ago

The game had so much potential though, and I'd like them to return to Rage after Doom 4.

JunioRS1011840d ago

Good. The gaming industry needs all of his wits for the real hardware, before you know, he gets Alzheimer's or whatever old people get

Soldierone1840d ago

Honestly though, I think he needs to step back a bit and get his company back in gear. They take too long to push anything out, so by the time something releases its already dated and old.

iD used to be leaders, and now they just linger around hoping people don't forget they make Doom. Carmack is a smart guy, I used to be a huge fan, but they haven't done anything that made me go crazy in years. Probably since Doom 3. Their tech isn't even used that much anymore either. ID Tech 5 is used by 5 games, all games made by them or a related company to them.

It sucks that its rather simple to port games to Vita and developers still pass it up.... honestly, how is the "small base" not enough for a quick port? Especially when you know very well the Ps4 is going to push more units out there.

It used to be about utilizing tech and making something advanced. Carmack seems to go back and forth. "Oh PC's can do this or that or this and we can push it really far here!" then you ask him about consoles and its like "yeah, don't really feel like playing with that, unless we make money."

dcj05241840d ago

The vita has a high Software to hardware ratio too.that means if a new game comes out alot of us will buy it.

Soldierone1840d ago

If that isn't enough, then it should be the fact he favors PC. If it was all about install base, then console should all be support as thats where sales are. Yet he prefers PC. Why? Because PC is what he learned with, and thats where the power is.

"It has a small install base" is just a dumb excuse to me. If you put good games on it, then people will buy the awesome technology let alone the game itself...... Being a tech guy, you'd think he would love WiiU's game pad and be excited for PS4/Vita functionality......

dredgewalker1840d ago

Considering what a disappointment Rage was I'm not sure if I'm even excited if he has a game he wants to make. He's a brilliant guy that understands many things about making games but I think he's behind the times regarding modern games.

KongRudi1840d ago

Would perhaps have been a good oppotunity for ID to become a major player again, even if it's on the less popular platforms - instead of only beeing small-fry on the more popular ones. :-/

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