What do you love about Phantom Hourglass?

ZD writes: Phantom Hourglass logoAt the request of hollander, Phantom Hourglass has been selected as the eighth entry to this series. It took awhile, but we’ve finally reached a handheld title, and if I do say so myself, one of the weakest games in the franchise. I will defend any Zelda game, as I think they are all spectacular, but Phantom Hourglass is by far my least favorite handheld Zelda game, and down there with Four Swords for least favorite, period. I have many reasons for feeling this way, but remember that this is not the place for that! We’re here to discuss the best of each Zelda game, not the worst. If you have gripes, you are more than welcome to address them, I just kindly ask that you keep the negativity to a minimum. Focus on what the game did well. And despite this game ranking very low among my favorite Zelda games, I do think that the touchscreen title did many things extremely well that made it as good as a game lacking traditional controls could be.

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Donnieboi1876d ago

I tried to like the touch controls--I really did try. But it just wasn't something I was excited about. Hopefully they don't force that on us with "A Link Between Worlds".

Ripsta7th1875d ago

I loved the boat customization