Evolution Was Asked by Sony to “Come Up With Another New IP” for PS4 Launch, Created DriveClub

DriveClub from Evolution Studios (MotorStorm) is set to be a PlayStation 4 launch title, with a special PlayStation Plus edition becoming available for free at the same time. As it turns out, Evolution was “asked a couple of years ago to come up with another new IP for a console launch,” said Matt Southern, Studio Game Director. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1875d ago

I did really want to see what Motorstorm would look like on PS4, hopefully in the future

fsfsxii1875d ago

It'd look like Motorstorm's first trailer

RevXM1875d ago

Looked badass as fuck. Evolution will probably go back to Motorstorm someday. Hopefully they will start working on it after the launch of DC.
wouldnt mind a new rally game instead after DC though.

Anyways Id like to see a grittier more realistic-ish motorstorm on ps4 someday.

NioRide1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Not even close.

If you think any game even on PC will look like this in the next 5 years something is wrong with your brain.

The dust effects alone at :20 would kill most high end systems alone, not to mention particle collision, particle effects, terrain deformation, the tess model, deforming damage like its shown *a good example if you watch the glass shatter*

in truth you probably won't see something that detailed for at least another 2 generations of video cards.

Donnieboi1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Evolution Studios is VERY fortunate to have it's own publisher (SCEE) ask them to make a NEW IP. Most game companies from this gen don't even bother to want to make new IP's. They take the "safe" but uninspired route. But Evolution was actually ASKED to make a new one. Man, that is what it's all about! When I enter the industry, I hope to be as fortunate to have a publisher who allows my team to be creative, instead of relying on rehashes and sequels.

bjmartynhak1875d ago

Just as Sony asked Naughty Dog to come with a new ip (The Last of Us)

But do realize that both are owned by Sony. So it is Sony telling Sony to make a new ip...

DA_SHREDDER1870d ago

I really could care less what you or Sony wants. I want a next gen Motorstorm. Like yesterday.

Wedge191875d ago

It was pretty fun at E3, I like the social aspects of it, asynchronous multiplayer.

xtremexx1875d ago

aww, he got in there legally? thats no fun.

xtremexx1875d ago

how the hell did u get in? is there a secret backdoor entrance?


Secret handshake required.

DiscmachGames1875d ago

Would of been nice if the new IP was something to fill the void after Burnout Paradise.
Not a fan of NFS.

RytGear1875d ago

Why not NFS: Most wanted?

I know you said you dont like NFS but it is FAR more like paradise and made by the same people.

Williamson1875d ago

With drive club ps plus edition and some free to play games, I dont think I need to buy a game for the ps4.

Kyosuke_Sanada1875d ago

Really would love to see Evolution try their hand on Road Rash.......................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............and maybe Jet Moto.

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