GamesRadar: Grand Theft Auto IV - multiplayer hands-on - 16 players. Three perspectives. One city. Five ways to tear it all to pie

GamesRadar writes: "Tearing aimlessly through the streets of Liberty City, we punch the throttle of our stolen ride to see just how much speed we can squeeze out of a pokey four-door sedan. The commuter car's engine hums as we drift around a corner, and a group of pedestrians wanders into our field of view. Without a second thought, we swerve onto the sidewalk and slam into a middle-aged woman, leaving a blood-splashed dent in our car's hood as the remaining peds scatter in confusion.

"That wasn't nice," says Rockstar's VP of Development Jeronimo Barrera, watching over our shoulders with mock disapproval. He's about to oversee (and participate in) our first brush with the multiplayer modes in Grand Theft Auto IV, which we've traveled to Rockstar's offices in New York to see - but first, we're re-familiarizing ourselves with the game with a quick single-player practice run. And as anyone familiar with the franchise knows, there's no better way to learn a GTA game's ins and outs than to go absolutely apeshit at ridiculous speeds, running over a bunch of pedestrians and getting chased by cops before exploding in a glorious rollover fireball. Which is exactly what we do."

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