Head2Head #1: Destiny vs Titanfall

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"It’s Head2Head time baby and to kick-start the series off, we’ve got 2 highly anticipated games that will be available on the next-generation platforms, Destiny and Titanfall!"

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golding891808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Destiny is interesting. It looks very.."Halo-ish"

But Titalfall seems more innovative with gameplay. Well from what we have been shown of course.

Don't show me how graphics making Destiny look good.. Show me awesome gameplay like Titanfall.

Although I am sure I will be enjoying both games.

Keep it up guys. Can't wait to play them both.

Chaostar1808d ago

I think Destiny is way more ambitious and the rpg elements and consistent online world appeal to me much more than reaction based gameplay. Each to their own though :)

mewhy321808d ago

I feel that Destiny is on tops here. I can see that big robots are interesting but I lean more toward RPG games and this isn't just an RPG it's also an action game. Should be a great game and I can't wait to play it on PS4.

Xsilver1808d ago

look up brink on youtube -_- mr innovative

fermcr1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Destiny is a MMO (i think). Not really interested in MMO's.

Between the two, Titanfall is my choice without second thought. Titanfall looks fun as hell.

oscarmike1808d ago

titanfall does look great. will wait for more info on both but definitely getting both regardless.

and if Titanfall was a ps4 exclusive I can guarantee you would have 80 agrees to 3 disagrees. apparently you're only allowed to say nice things about playstation

Allsystemgamer1808d ago

Honestly Titanfall just looks like COD with mechs and jet packs. I don't see any innovation. Vertical gameplay has been done time and time again. It does look fun but there's nothing revilutionary about it.

staticdash221808d ago

Innovative? Um...

I can't see where the innovation is. It looks like a spiritual successor to COD4 IMHO. That can be good or bad depending on the reception after launch. If people are getting tired of COD right now, and this game is coming from the guys that made those great COD games years ago, is it necessarily a good thing to be reminding people of it whenever they look at the game. Just my thoughts..

3-4-51808d ago

I'm not sure this author realizes these are two completely different types of games here.

One is far more MMO and the other is way more Standard FPS with mechs and such.

Both are a nice breath of fresh air in terms of what we have currently, but they aren't comparable really.

I think both Dev's would agree to that.

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AlexanderNevermind1808d ago

Also looking forward to both but come on when I read the line "Never been done before with Jetpacks and Titan Machines"?............... ....I guess this may be coming from a xbox perspective.

Still both games look kickass. I will be playing Titan Fall on PC and Destiny is a day 1 buy for me.

thrust1808d ago

Destiny looks like it will have long term gameplay while Titanfall will be good for a short term.

Both look great but really both very different games.

Rhinoceros1808d ago

These are my two most anticipated games. Cannot wait to play both.

mochachino1808d ago

I much prefer destiny. There's already a million competitive based online multiplayer and BF is the king of that arena IMO.

Very few co-operative based online mp and its looking to be the future. Finally, people will have to put their e-pen back in their shorts as K/D won't be the judge of skill anymore, the quality of your team play will.

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The story is too old to be commented.