Activision: Call of Duty pre-orders negatively impacted by console transition

Activision explains the low pre-order numbers for Call of Duty: Ghosts, blaming PS4 and Xbox One.

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Dlacy13g1879d ago

The low pre-orders are because this game is finally hitting the wall. People are expecting more than a visual bump for next gen. Honestly Acitivision would have been better off not releasing COD on the PS4/Xbox One and just let the game come to currnet gen...take a year and launch all new next year on PS4 / Xbox One and do it with a truly next gen engine.

xHeavYx1879d ago

Yeah, blame it on next-gen, not the fact that this has been copy-paste game for the past few years

HarryBond1879d ago

but... but... they have a dog now ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I agree the game has been the same since the past few years.. At least do something new Activision

guitarded771879d ago

Bu bu but... the fishes are smart.

msonic981879d ago

Way too many good games are coming out this year for me to blow off $60 on Call of Duty.

The_Sneauxman1879d ago

been a copy and paste for the last 7 years

Outside_ofthe_Box1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Called it. They blamed Ninty fans last time now they are blaming it on next gen. Activision is scared that they might need a new big seller to rely on.

Cam9771879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This game looks the epiphany of next gen! Just look at the skyscraper fall and coat the city in a thick layer of dust!
Oh wait...

Wrong game. This article speaks of COD - the game that has to use static maps that aren't dynamic with destructible environments. Moreover, it has no vehicles.

The sooner this franchise hits the ground, the better. Never before have I seen such ignorant, fowl-mouthed children filled with **** whilst repeating the most immature "your mom" jokes.

I love how you have 0 disagrees, it really shows how stale the franchise is becoming.


SilentNegotiator1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I'm no advocate of COD, but...Wow, such COD-hating delusion.

The last COD had like, 9 million preorders. You really think moving to the next-gen (and refreshing the number of potential buyers) is NOT going to lead to much lower preorders?

COD haters can be so petty.

Saigon1879d ago

They always do that. Everything is next gen fault. They pulled this off last time also and then change their stance once the sales numbers come in. I am getting tired of this company.

rezzah1879d ago

It has been longer than just a few years.

3-4-51879d ago

Ah the Blame game.

1.) It's because Your game doesn't change. I should know, I've owned and played hours and hours of each one. Not any more

2.) We've essentially been playing MW4(2007), since 2007, with a few new guns and of course new maps.

3.) Destiny, TitanFall,Killzone, Battlefield 4,planetside 2

- These games are all offering something more than just standard military FPS game. They've have listened to fans and done research, and have applied what they learned to their NEW games.

5.) You think Fish AI is "new" and good, while it was just a side fart within Mario 64.

^ That is how out of touch with reality the Dev's of COD are.

I still like Call of Duty and respect those who develop the game, but this is the first COD game EVER that I Won't be purchasing.

And I have no 2nd thoughts about it at all.

awi59511879d ago

Yeah at this point Call of duty is like Legos lol. You just put the blocks together each year and you have a game.

papashango1879d ago

Last gen they blamed it on pc piracy.

abzdine1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

ROFL at Activision! Now it's time to invent something else.
Killzone SF is the next gen FPS i'm getting.

Murad1879d ago

I really like that picture you made. A plus for that my good man

MWong1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

A dog has nothing on super intelligent fish, that actually move in the background. ;) this will be the most beast COD game since COD:MW. Next COD we'll upgrade the engine even further and have tactical assault gold fish.

I know a few hardcore COD gamers that are starting to switch over to BF. They all say most of the same stuff others have said. They are tired of the copy n paste they have been doing for the paste few years.

MizTv1878d ago

Lol more like 7 years

Kryptix1878d ago

Negatively impacted by Battlefield's far superiority in engine and graphics. That would be the title if Activision was honest about their games and finally upgraded that old engine they keep copying and pasting.

XB1_PS41878d ago

What goes up, must come down. This new generation is the beginning of the end for COD. What I'm hoping for, isn't doom for COD. I'm hoping for a "Activision Self Re-evaluation", where they take at least 2-3 extra years to make a good game. With all the innovation you could ever ask for.

Cod, whether people like to admit it or not, has the smoothest and most precise movement in FPS's. I'd like for that to stick around, in a better, more thought out form.

Reibooi1878d ago

I Personally don't play CoD but my sister has been playing all the games in the series since the first Modern Warfare. I asked her thoughts on the new game and she said "It's like they didn't even try. The game looks the same, why did they call it something new for this? They could have put the Modern Warfare name on it with how little it's changed"

I don't know how accurate that is as I don't play CoD as mentioned above but she has played all the Black Ops and Modern Warfare games and she isn't to pleased. She still plans on getting a PS4 and I might try to get her to play Killzone with me although I don't know if the controls feel in that game will turn her off.

marlalen1878d ago

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majiebeast1879d ago

BUT IT HAS A MOCAP DOG! and fish AI cant get more innovative then that!

QuanManChu1879d ago

Did you know the fish move out the way when you swim near?

TheOneEyedHound1879d ago

Maybe the Dog needs to sleep with the fishes.......

andibandit1878d ago

Makes you wonder what all those people working on the game actually do.

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spaceg0st1879d ago

As much as I wish for this to be true, I think his conclusion is probably closer to the truth. People have proven year after year that they'll swallow the same load, myself included. But.. I think due to gamers expecting to pay big money come November, COD just isn't a priority with the initial purchase, but I think they still will get it, just not pre order and buy. People who would've gotten cod are now looking for a next gen shooter to oogle at, that being killzone and bf4. I hope cod sales suck and activision is forced to update/upgrade their shit, but I've hoped the same for years now, always with record breaking new copy and paste cods...

iiwii1878d ago

And it's not only that, it's the forcing of 4 X $15 map packs that are nothing but camper heaven, and rehashes of old maps from the previous games. So they are not charging $60 for the game, but instead, you are paying $120 for the same game every year.

And then you get the forced updates which force you to buy the map packs if you want to max out the game and get all of your trophies, otherwise it starts adding new objectives to keep you from getting that platinum you are "almost at", so you have to buy those extra packs.

There were so many good things about COD, but they have let the franchise rot from the core by ignoring the fans who complain about the ridiculous lag and hitbox issues, people running around hip-firing sniper rifles and getting instant kills everytime. Yet when you try to snipe the correct way, scope in, hold breath, get a headshot, and the guy just flenches and runs away. Don't mention the spamming shotguns that fire like semi-auto and instant kill you from 50 feet away, yet firing a machine gun at almost point blank range, emptying a clip and the guy still knifes and kills you. No dedicated servers and forcing the server host onto the endusers console for a complete lagfest. Crap like that is what has killed the COD franchise.

I'm glad to see it's finally coming back to slap them in the face, because they sure as heck were not listening to the feedback that gamers have been complaining about for the last 6 years.

1879d ago
walkincarpet1879d ago

totally agree with you there... gamers need a break from COD anyway and guess what? Most of them will take a break this time even though they are releasing it. They need to do something different because all of a sudden they competing against BF, Destiny, Titanfall, The Division, Star Wars Battle Front, Halo, etc.

Hopefully, the cloud will help them with lag as well... that's the main reason why I'm giving COD a rest.

Robdeagle1878d ago

Lag and the worst spawning system ever.

I have owned every COD on console to date and this year will be very different. I don't even have an interest in COD anymore and haven't since all the crap I have put up with on BLOPs 2. I find it ridiculous that they have all those micro transactions and DLC to come out with, but won't fix the broken game.

TheTwelve1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Blame it on the fact that they actually thought people were going to buy the game for intelligent dogs and fish! hahahaha

Destrania1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

It's not just visuals, it's everything. I haven't touched CoD in years, and I'm all the better for it.

shivvy241878d ago

Havent bought one since MW2

TheOneEyedHound1879d ago ShowReplies(4)
BattleTorn1879d ago

They might as well have blamed it on better games.

DeadlyFire1879d ago


Low pre-order numbers. In Call of Duty world. What is referenced as low? Also why pre-order when you can pick up a title on launch day.

Many factors in Call of Duty's low numbers and its not just a single one to blame. It doesn't mean doom overnight.

I expect Battlefield to take a chunk of the pie this season. As well as certain other titles.

mxrider21991879d ago

bf4 and watch dogs are the multiplats that are taking away from cod

edgeofsins1879d ago

Call of Duty is a trend and a lot of trends are dying especially with the new console transition. Their laziness as devs is showing especially in their game on the newer consoles. It looks like another minor improvement despite the far better hardware.

camel_toad1879d ago

Amen for the wall. Maybe this will force them to innovate. I used to like COD a long time and several games ago. It would be nice if it became good and new again.

Shuyin1878d ago

Agreed. CoD was so much fun back in the MW1 & 2 days. I wish CoD gets that good again, although that is very unlikely.
I'm a battlefielder now.

ala_7671879d ago

I am a fan of CoD and I also admit Activision is doing too much.... Last year they announced that this year CoD wont make record in sales and this year when the next-gen was announced, they blamed the PS4/XOne


BattleTorn1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I personally believe that they won't ever re-introduce vehicles into Call of Duty simpy to avoid unfavourable comparisons with Battlefield.

They can't out do Battlfield in terms of vehicle incorporation simply because BF has been doing it longer.

The more innovating shooter that enter the market - the more narrow Call of Duty will become. IMO

Donnieboi1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

How the heck could it be next gen, when next-gen only ADDS more systems to buy it on? If someone isn't getting a PS4, Wii U or Xbox One, they can still get the game for PS3, 360 and (I think) Wii 1.

I can't believe the idiotic logic of Activision. If they really can't see how stale this franchise is, and the fact that it's STILL using the same Quake engine from 7 years ago, then i'm sorry--The people at Activision have absolutely no common sense.

Fish A.I. and a Dog. And maps with pre-scripted catastrophes (instead of real-time destruction like Battlefield). THESE are the things that Activision decided were good enough to sell to an audience who has been buying each barely "improved" sequel. No wonder they thought people would buy it. But I think this newest game was the3 last straw...It's the same damn gameplay and graphics engine, man -_-

They killed COD, just like they killed the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games and Guitar Hero (all of which were ground breaking in their first games)

UnHoly_One1879d ago

Read the article and it will make sense to you.

He said that a lot of people probably haven't pre-ordered because they are undecided on what console to get it for.

The last few years, XBL players would pre-order the 360 version, PS players would pre-order the PS3 version, and that was that.

Now, the people who are going to be buying a new console have to decide if they want to buy it for the new console or for their current one. They will probably wait until they find out what all of their buddies are doing, and then decide.

GuyThatPlaysGames1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I don't care. I pre-ordered mine for PS4 and I'll still be playing the hell out of it! I don't care what everyone thinks about it. If you like it, get it. If not, move on and shut up!

avengers19781879d ago

I've gotten every COD game, but i think I'm passing on this one, I'm tired of these yearly games that offer nothing new.

Dlacy13g1879d ago

I am right there with you and I think the general consumer may finally be there too.

greenlantern28141879d ago

Gonna agree with that, it just time for a break from COD for us and Activision. Time for something new

Sevir1878d ago

Its easy to cast the blame on the next gen consoles and I think this is partly true, but in the forefront of my mind, i feel that the series is showing just how much that retreading common ground has damaged the franchise for the better, the fact that what was shown wasn't mindblowing and that Bungie, Respawn and DICE pretty much all had much stronger showing proves that Gamers are simply ready for something new.

Destiny, Titan Fall and BF4 all captivated the audience at E3, and to some extent even Killzone has some excitement going into it.

COD as a franchise is Burning out and it seems more likely that people are gonna find that next big thing that'll likely sell bucket loads at launch!

chente00251878d ago

Wii U is DOOMED!.....oh wait.

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RedHawkX1878d ago

hopefully destiny and other shooters become the new popular fps that everyone plays and everyone leavees call of duty.

ZombieKiller1878d ago

Take a year? NONSENSE, then they couldn't make their billions on the engine EVERY YEAR.
I am definitely being sarcastic, I'm sure you guys could tell though. Typical Activision. Seriously fuck Activision. They lie to us and pretend we are all stupid. Just like when Black Ops came out and they said all the lag was due to EVERYONES ports not being forwarded. HAHAHA OK....the poor sales is half because COD is getting stale and the other half is because more gamers are starting to smarten up and realize Activision will never change their crappy business practices. Seriously, if you buy the map packs for this game, after buying the game on disk, obviously you are paying double for a game that is reused every year, redone and rehashed. Not to mention riddled with bugs for the first few patches and sometimes way off balance. Maybe all MP games that people play competitively should have a minimal standard 3 year development time. That way to iron out all the crap and NOT crash 2 of Zombiekillers PlayStation 3's damnit....especially when he bought it for other games and friends were the reason he plays COD anyway. One thing is certain, that game isnt touching my ps4. Hell no.

Gamer19821878d ago

People are finally switching to Battlefield and Activison are blaming new consoles as heaven forbid people cannot surely be seeing the light I mean THEY HAVE DOGS!!!

JunioRS1011878d ago

Yeah, but... that would mean CHANGING a lot of stuff :/

I'd rather rehash the same thing forever and become millionaires.

GhostPanther1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

LOL I am loving these replies. Well Said Agree and Bubble up to almost Everyone

forcefullpower1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I think its more to do with BF4 being a more talked about game. Also Call of Doggy is becoming quite a joke point with mates now.

Just by presenting this at the x1 launch has screwed the franchise when they talked about dogs. Nearly forgot about the fish. Also the dual suns for the lighting.

awesomeabe19981878d ago

I am pretty shocked for a couple of reasons!

1-Poor sales and pre orders werent blamed on the Wii U!!!! Yes the apocalypse is beginning.

2-I know all the COD's are mostly copy-paste but this is actually the first unique and different one.

3-People say they should blame it on copy-paste, well no. This game has been copy-paste since it came out and it still makes tons of money so that is not the case.

4- COD Ghosts not pre ordered much! This is due to the fact that you can get it on every single console why pre order it? Its not like you are going to go to gamestop and it is going to be sold out.

Ghosts looks great, and im going to pre order it for my Wii U like a boss and enjoy the shit our of it.

1878d ago
1878d ago
AzaziL1878d ago

Knew this was going to happen sooner or later, you don't just fire the founders of Infinity Ward (as well as losing half their staff afterwards) and expect the game to ever improve by the rehash masters at Treyarch.

After that fiasco with MW2 (Activision withholding the profits instead of honoring their contracts and paying them their well deserved bonus), I never expected much from them.

N2NOther1878d ago

Can you do me a favour? Can you ask the millions of people you talked to to get this information from and find out what game they are looking forward to? You seem to know lots about people's future buying intentions so I would like to be ahead of the curve.

JsonHenry1878d ago

Meanwhile BF4 pre-orders are at a crazy high!

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Drekken1879d ago

NO! Enhance the dogs, that will help.

sigfredod1879d ago

Yeah blame the next gen, LOL

modesign1879d ago

a milked franchise has hit the skids, who would of knew.

Virus2011879d ago

This is how it happened:

Activision=Chosen One

COD= Cow