Rise of the Triad (PC) Review – A Throwback to FPS Games of Old | C.O.G.

A remake of a game from the 90′s, COG managed to have some old school fun with it.

"There was a time during the early years of the first person shooter genre when there weren’t linear levels, regenerating health, reloading, taking cover, recoil, and walking. This was back in the 90’s when Doom and Wolfenstein were the games to play. There was also a lesser known first person shooter that seemed to have had its own following as well: Rise of the Triad. Enough so that it’s finally gotten a long awaited and overdue reboot. Do you miss the days of 90’s gaming with crazy power weapons, running at Mach 3, terrible one liners, and finding colored keys to progress in levels? If so, Rise of the Triad may just be for you."

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