What do you love about The Adventure of Link?

ZD writes: Adventure of Link logoGood day, Zelda fans. Minish Pants here, with yet another article discussing our favorite parts of certain Zelda games. This week’s entry is commonly considered to be the “black sheep” of the franchise for many reasons. It almost completely strayed away from the standards set by its predecessor. At the time, however, there were only two Zelda games, so accusing The Adventure of Link of “breaking tradition” is a tad nonsensical. However this side-scrolling adventure is the only Zelda game of its kind. What was it about this game that encouraged the Zelda team to return to the style of The Legend of Zelda? While well-received, this game was not as popular as its predecessor. But why? Was it the infuriating difficulty? The preference for items rather than spells? The gameplay perspective? Regardless of the reason, you’ve got to respect the gold cart classic for boldly trying a new approach, since the game that came before it was so highly praised.

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xJumpManx1878d ago

Shadow Link, I still have holes in the house I grew up from throwing that sharp edged NES controller against the wall.

Neonridr1878d ago

I don't know if I can say I love Zelda II due to how hard it was, but damn was that game challenging. I think it was just such a departure to the previous Zelda that it fell by the wayside. I purchased it again for my 3DS and I am about halfway through the game. Great stuff.