New RPG Rainbow Skies Exclusive To Playstation in 2014

By Marcus Pukropsk; "Hi RPG and indie fans! We’re excited to announce that Rainbow Skies is coming exclusively to PS3 and PS Vita in 2014"

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3-4-51753d ago

Turn based combat in an RPG = yes.

I'm sure there are plenty of generic action games for you to play.

kewlkat0071753d ago

Can never say no to more JRPGs..even from the Indies.

illtornworld1753d ago

this looks great already!. somemore RPG love for Vita, SOLD!

DigitalRaptor1753d ago

Sequel to the excellent Rainbow Moon on PSN?

Yes please!

Xof1753d ago

So is it a sequel to Rainbow Moon?

I didn't really care for Moon, myself. ~__~