Scrapped CG Zelda Film Teaser Surfaces Online

Imagine a world in which Nintendo announced a brand new CG film for The Legend of Zelda which combined the art styles of Dreamworks and Twilight Princess for one glorious and epic fantasy adventure. What would the result be? It'd probably look a lot like this scrapped Zelda film pitch.

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Muffins12231693d ago (Edited 1693d ago ) could of worked...Nintendo did it with pokemon so it could of easily worked with zelda though this looked like it could of been a tv show not a film.

claud31693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

That looks really awful

No ZELDA movie.. It would not work, because the way they would do it

Would be all completely wrong

Neonridr1693d ago

I thought that looked pretty good. Not to mention that the time stamp on the video was 2007.

Masterman2801693d ago

Lool, is that meant to be Ganondorf? Zelda is just too long to be fitted into a 90-120 minute movie.

PsycheMax1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Too long for 120 mins? :O
So taking the powers and beating the boss is too long for a movie? Come on, that would've been a so boring movie, just a "fabula"!
And plainly generic.

Masterman2801693d ago

Zelda games on consoles take about 30+ hours to beat on the first run. Try fit a summary of Skyward Sword into a 110 mins movie, and still keep it interesting.

Kalebninja1693d ago

dude i beat skyward in 40 hours and obviously dnt ply zelda if u say its boring and generic theyre making a watch dogs movie and that kind of movies been done b4

Masterman2801693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

He looks more like a girl.

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