New Battlefield 4 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

The highly anticipated Battlefield 4 is positioning itself to be one of the biggest videogame releases of 2013, and despite still having three months between now and release the pre-order campaigns are coming thick-and-fast. The latest additions is relevant to all versions of the videogame – Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC – and includes a number of items both physical and digital.

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1838d ago
MWong1838d ago

They still haven't mentioned if this was coming to the US. I know Amazon was offering a gold battle pack for pre-orders until I think June 14th.

1838d ago
OcelotRigz1838d ago

"Old" is the new "New" now.

305LoneWolf1838d ago

BF4 can be best FPS of the year!

Bonerboy1838d ago

Im sure the game will be great, but do people really buy this crap and why do people buy this crap? I suppose there are a few collectors out there. Are these "S-Es" really that sought after?
...and dog tags? Nice, I cant wait to see dudes strutting like 'cock of the walk' sporting these bad boys all a jingle janglin' on their scrawny neck. Chick magnets if I ever saw some.