Weird PlayStation Ad: Buy Your Kid A Vita And They Won't Ask About Sex

Kotaku - Sony, the company responsible for the walkman, the PlayStation and lots of very odd ads, is trying to sell the PS Vita and PS3 in Argentina. And they are trying to do it with a most unusual tagline.

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Snookies121572d ago

Do you live in Argentina? It only works there.

3-4-51572d ago

exactly, have you seen the Argentinian women ?

1572d ago
GreenRanger1572d ago

They won't ask about sex because they'll be too busy watching it on their Vita.

SoundGamer1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

They probably got this from this older TV commercial from the U.S. a year or two ago. There was a kid asking his mother about sex while he was playing the Vita. It was a fridge commercial though.

No_Limit1572d ago

"Buy Your Kid A Vita And They Won't Ask About Sex"

No wonder VITA is selling like [email protected] Didn't they already know that sex sells?

Hicken1572d ago

The hell are you talking about?

No_Limit1572d ago

Man, if none of you are seeing that the post was sarcastic, I don't know what to say to you guys. I was just trying to duplicate (in a reverse way) of what the headline is indicating, which is making no sense whatsover. Do you guys get it now?

Hicken1572d ago

Since you slam Sony on a regular basis, why would anyone take it as sarcasm?

Ripsta7th1571d ago

U can only make jokes about the X1 on this site, PS4 trolling prohibitted

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