Is The Wii U Dead?

VideoGamer: "Not yet, but Nintendo is running out of time to put things right..."

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NYC_Gamer1879d ago

Wii U isn't dead and its not too late for Nintendo to patch up things software wise

Need4Game1879d ago

"running out of time" still means there's still time.

cleft51879d ago

All Nintendo needs to do is bring out some key 1st party titles and they will be fine. We really need to wait until after 2014 before we even have an idea of what the WiiU will do sales wise.

darthv721879d ago

running out of time....i didnt know there was a deadline for nintendo.

We are not in logan's run where one is terminated (wii-u) and one is born (ps4/xb1).

Parapraxis1879d ago

Nintendo would be wise to set some serious goals.

Dread1879d ago


logans run...

wow great movie. Way ahead of its time.

and your right, but judging by the disagrees nobody understood your point.

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Neonridr1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I think the fall/holiday lineup will pick things up dramatically for the Wii U. A $50 price cut wouldn't hurt things either.

Garethvk1879d ago

As stated, price cut is key as they can get into homes that might not be able to afford or locate one of the new systems. They also must have the new Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country and Zelda titles sell well.

Concertoine1879d ago

Jesus, how about we let the upcoming rush of games come, see the christmas sales, then let mario kart and smash bros come out. THEN we'll talk. A system with no games doesnt sell, naturally. A system with as many good games as the wii u's getting within the next few years does sell.

A console from any of the big 3 doesnt die in less than a year, before the other consoles are even out. The wii u is an original, well made system that we've yet to see the best of. In fact the wii u arguably has the best line up of games through 2014, thats why im buying one over a ps4 and getting a ps4 around late 2014.

Dunban671879d ago

You are willing to be patient w the wii u and its game release console because you have not purchase one yet- fair enough- but the people who have purchased a wii u already and other people-entities that are invested in the wii u have already had to be VERY patient - to say lets wait till the end of 2014 to see what the console has to offer is a long time - those of us that own one don t have much choice - either wait or sell it for next to nothing- But the retailers and developers who are part of the industry do not have to be patient and have plenty if pressure from investors to do what is best for their respective business s- So a product not selling taking up space and capital is not going to be given an open ended amount if time - clearly most developers have already taken a "wait and see" approach to wii u- Most of the good 3rd party games being released this fall on wii u were planned many months ago- going forward those same developers and publishers are going to wait going forward-

Concertoine1879d ago

Im not saying we have to wait til 2014 to see what it can do, W101, pikmin 3, donkey kong, wind waker HD and the new mario are all out before the year ends.

Im saying wait til 2014 after those games, mario kart and smash bros have come out before we call the wii u "dead". My point being that people calling the wii u "dead" less than a year after it comes out and a week away from a monthly AAA title string leading into 2014, are simply being foolish.

Parapraxis1879d ago

People thinking that this holiday season will be a boon for WiiU without a significant price cut are fooling themselves.

Having PS4 and Xbox One on store shelves is only going to make WiiU look like an even less appealing purchase.

Nintendo needs to do something major, and soon.

No_Limit1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The Wii U is not dead.....yet but is very close. Just like the Gamecube, Nintendo's ignorance is what is killing them. They were lucky to strike gold with the Wii due to the casual were eating it up with a new fad known as motion control and Wii Fit and the Wii sold over 100 million units. The Wii U is a totally different story as the Wiimote Fad had already faded and at $350 with little third party support, power just barely more than than current gen, no direction for online gaming, it looks more and more like a Dreamcast 2.0 at this point. A $50 price cut would not be enough, they need to get this sucker to $199 by this holiday to even have a surviving chance. But due to Nintendo's current financial position, I don't think that is an option for another year or so.

Gamer Muzz1879d ago

"they need to get this sucker to $199 by this holiday to even have a surviving chance. But due to Nintendo's current financial position, I don't think that is an option for another year or so."

What about their current financial position leads you to believe that?
Did you know that Nintendo is reporting millions in profits with the Wii U? (look it up) They've shipped 3.61 million units. They turn a profit on the console with every first game sale (At the end of January their attach rate was 3.82.) and starting next week, they have a major exclusive release for every month leading to the holiday season.
Seriously, even IF the Wii U were in real trouble, they would still have the 3DS/DS to fall back on.
In the end, they're making billions!

So, yes, the Wii failed to meet Nintendo's forecast numbers, but the Wii U isn't "dying" either. Nintendo can afford to work on their Bigger and better franchise titles until this holiday season and build the Wii U up. (Just like Sony did with the PS3)

Other notes:
Motion control is a fad?
7 years after Nintendo implemented it with the Wii, and after taking Nintendo's lead and creating Move/Kinect, it's being implemented into The PS4 and X1...and it's a fad? If the next gen lasts another 8 years, motion control will be a 15 year "Fad". LOL
Fads are defined as "temporary". This has surpassed "Fad" status by a long shot. Motion control has become a part of gaming.

"Ignorance" with the gamecube never killed them.
Sure, the gamecube sold less then the xbox/ps2, but it was still good for Nintendo as it turned them a profit. Unlike the original xbox which put MS $5 billion in the hole. This is Gaming industry 101 stuff man.

Do you understand what happened with the dreamcast? There is no parallel to draw between the dreamcast and the Wii U. Completely different stories. Wow.

I'm not sure where you get your info, but it's not entirely accurate. you can't read sales numbers for one console and think it's an accurate depiction of the industry as a whole. there are many more factors to consider.

miyamoto1879d ago

Dude the PS2 had Eye Toy motion gaming before the Wii and it was not a fad and continued with the PS Eye for PS3 and now with PS4.
And this has nothing to do with Nintendo nor the Wii.

Where is the Wiimote now?

Gamer Muzz1875d ago

Le Stick came out in 1981,
the Power Glove came out in 1989,
And the Dreamcast Fishing controller came out in 1999.
I never said who created Motion control or who used it first. That wasn't my point.

That said, Nintendo was the first company to implement into and make it the propitiatory method of control for their console.
In response, MS and Sony (After saying the would not do so back in 2006) came 4 years late to the party with motion control in an effort to cash in on the Wii's success and then implemented into their consoles for the 8th gen.
As for Sony, You can't tell me that Move (which is now built into the PS4) was not influenced by the Wii remote and Nunchuck. Some things go without saying and this is one of them. I'm not sure why you would say otherwise, but if you do, then you're delusional.
Fact: Move would never had happened this gen if not for the success of the Wii.

Where is the Wii remote now?
Well, it's still connected to the 3rd best selling home game console of all time. (if the Wii sells 2.45 million more consoles it'll become the 2nd overtaking the PS1)
It's also functional with the wii U.
Seems to be a fine controller that has been a grand success.

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