JRPGs: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool

Jacob Ross at Save/Continue writes:

"Cast a stone into the wider online videogame community and you’re liable to clock someone who laments the supposed death of JRPGs this generation and kindly offers up a few cure-all remedies to get the genre right as rain, just like it used to be when they were younger. Discussions that broach the subject are often couched in the supposition of failure, as if the decline of the JRPG is some irrefutable fact that everyone can agree with. In both the assumption and the prescription, these people couldn’t be more wrong."

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Need4Game1756d ago


Allow JRPGs to have Big Boobs.

Sidology1756d ago

Lightning Returns just proves that JRPGs need more armpits.

Zotaku871756d ago

It's like you put into words everything I think but can never articulate. Well done, sir.