4 Ways that People in the Philippines React to Professional Gaming

Techinasia: I’m not sure about every other country in Southeast Asia, but in the Philippines, if you ask a random person about eSports, you will likely get a blank, puzzled response. But don’t get the wrong impression that there isn’t an eSports scene in the Philippines, because there is. We have gaming organizations. We have pro players. We have sponsors. We have gaming events ranging from local computer café competitions to the nationwide tournaments. We even have the Philippine eSports Organizaiton and the recently formed National Electronic Sports Commission. It may not be as big as in China, but it exists nonetheless.

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tarbis1875d ago

There's also little to no support or sponsorship for eSports. Heck, our country can barely support our national sports teams. Let alone eSports.

1875d ago
Bhuahahaha1875d ago

well all country has different culture and the likes.
gaming may not be that big deal for them.but i know filipinos are more into music/singing competitions and other sports like boxing basketball and now football gaining grounds there

iWishTifaWasReal1875d ago

maybe if philippines had a better economy then maybe just maybe game industry will get better support from the government. after all Videogames are very profitable.

level 3601875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Making a steady income at some call center I think is sort of more important than professional gaming.

Video gaming as a profession is the least of their worries add to that the poverty and hardship of going to schools ( and their infrastructures ) to get proper education compounded by electricity issues especially on inclement weather.