Edge tens: the greatest videogames of the last twenty years

EDGE: "As we approach our 20th anniversary, allow us a moment to reflect. When we reviewed The Last Of Us earlier this year, it became the fifteenth game in Edge’s history to be awarded a ten, joining a small group of landmark releases; important, brilliant, inspiring games which each defined a specific moment in the evolution of play."

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majiebeast1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

How did not one JRPG make it on that list not FFIX,Dragonquest VIII or the severe lack of Resident Evil 4.

How in the 7 hells did GTAIV even make it on that list it was a downgrade from san andreas. Its a pretty weak list Bayonetta is hardly top 50 let alone top 10.

PhantomTommy1842d ago

They did put Resi 4 at number two in there issue of the top 100 greatest games of all time. Not sure why it didn't get a ten from them.

xHeavYx1842d ago

UC2 is not there!? No God of War 3 instead of Bayonetta?

drsnoopyseussdog1842d ago

I agree resident evil 4 and san andreas clearly deserved to be in there as well as including shadow of the colossus and super mario bros 3. And for rpgs i think that one of the playstation 1 final fantasys should have been on that list.

TheFallenAngel1842d ago

Beyonetta is there but God of War 3 isn't? LOL

dark-hollow1842d ago

whats wrong with bayo?
imo between dmc, ninja gaiden, bayo and god of war, bayonetta had imo the best most fluid combat system out of these games.

_QQ_1842d ago

plenty of people believe bayonetta is better than gow.

Dan_scruggs1842d ago

I can kinda see that. God of War 2 was better than 3 anyway.

BigBoss19641842d ago

Halo 3 was massively disapointing with its lacklustre campaign especially the last part of the game talk about laziness (relax this is my opinion of the game)

Perjoss1842d ago

As much as I love the Orange Box, it should never been reviewed as a game or compared to other games in terms of review scores. Its a compilation.

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The story is too old to be commented.