Square Enix Wants Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to "Beat Skyrim"

"Ignored amid all the news of Lightning going from a C-cup to a D-cup in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (don't ask), director Motomu Toriyama and 'wilderness lead planner' Yui Umeda talked about how the game was meant to "beat Skyrim" (or "Sukairimu" as it's pronounced in Japan) in their interview with Famitsu.


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-Gespenst-1574d ago

I'm looking forward to this game, and I'm not really a big fan of Skyrim, but they've got to be kidding.

zeal0us1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Its good to be optimistic about your game but Motomu Toriyama and Yui Umeda is too optimistic.

Skyrim shipped 7million copies within the first week of its release and sold over 10million(reported in July 2012, doesn't include Steam or the Legendary edition sale figures).

Only when FF13 and 13-2 is combine do their sale figures come close to Skyrim, 9.6million (if you were wondering).

I could see FF13 along 13-2 and 13-3 selling more than Skyrim when you combine all three sale figures but for a single game, I doubt it.

Given that SE lost the trust of their hardcore fanbase(some not all) I doubt 13-3 will sell more than 13-2(~3m copies) or even close to what FF13(~6.6m copies) sold.

ThanatosDMC1574d ago

I think they've become so blind that one eye popped out and ate the other eye.

majiebeast1574d ago

Toriyama thinks his waifu will beat Skyrim thats cute.

When is Square Enix gonna take him behind the shed and put him out of our misery. If he directs FF16 they might aswell just kill off the entire Final Fantasy franchise so atleast it doesnt have to suffer again.

blitz06231574d ago

April 1 was 4 months ago

Mainsqueeze1574d ago

This is why Square Enix is doing so bad lately, they have very unrealistic expectations and put unnecessary amounts of money into developing their games.

guitarded771574d ago

Post launch story title == Lightning Returns Didn't Meet Sales Expectations

kalkano1571d ago


"Lightning Returns fell 9 million units short of sales expectations"

^ Fixed.

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fermcr1574d ago

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will beat Skyrim... in crappiness.

Lovable1574d ago

Well at least we all know for a fact that it will be less buggy and definitely will be playable than Skyrim.

gamertk4211574d ago

...on PS3. My Xbox 360 experience was smooth all the way through. My friend had a glitch, but that wasn't my problem!

infamous-butcher1574d ago

Skyrim was buggy on PC as well as on consoles,
(that companion mission to get the axe was just broken)
Bethesda can make great games but badly.
SE just force bad games on us, but hopefully FF XV proves me wrong

T21574d ago

@gamertk - obvious troll is obvious... I only played skyrim, fallout on 360 and it was still buggy as hell. fallout your companion would just randomly die, people walking through walls, floating, horse would trip on a pebble and die, dragons would stick in the sky, etc.etc.etc... it was endless hilarity. save often!!

levian1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

It seems Square Enix has extremely unrealistic goals lately. Saying Tomb Raider didn't sell enough, and now they're expecting a THIRD part in a generally disliked series to outsell the legendary Elder Scrolls series newest game? I love you Final Fantasy, but you need a reality check.

On the other hand, its fully possible that Final Fantasy XV will be almost as big, if its as good as it looks. It doesn't have the stigma of 13 attached to it (which is probably why they made it a numbered game, instead of Versus 13)

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Godmars2901574d ago

While its good to want things, you actually have to work towards such a goal.

Not just plop some steaming pile in front of someone, slap "FF" on it, and expect it to be eaten.

And by steaming pile I'm referring to the game's plot. From game play it may be worth playing, but by being based on two prior games who's stories were less than stellar and not really connected, there's no way this is either going to redeem them or stand on its own.

bicfitness1574d ago

Game sounds like an absolute hot mess. Best summary I read on Neogaf was: "open world breast-enhancement simulator."

ZeroX98761574d ago

Wow! I don't know what they've been smoking lately, but it's working quite well if you ask me.

Not saying that no games can beat Skyrim either, but seeing the 2 last FF XIII titles, I highly doubt Lighting returns will be better than Skyrim. If they prove me wrong then good, but the chances for this to happen is quite low.

Snookies121574d ago

How would one go about comparing the XIII series and Skyrim anyway? They're totally different in nature...