Kotaku - Played the Oculus Rift for Five Hours Straight

Kotaku - As a gamer, I rarely play in short chunks. I'd rather play hours at a time. So ever since I learned of Oculus Rift, I've been consumed by one burning question: will playing the Oculus Rift for long stretches make you sick? Well this week I got the chance to test this out on the only willing guinea pig I could find: me.

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JunioRS1011814d ago

Went from 20:20 to 20:40, poor little mole man

adorie1814d ago

I think I'll pick up a dev kit towards the end of the year. It looks fascinating!

Clover9041814d ago

Why! Just wait. The 1080p (not finalized, but Oculus is demoing it now) consumer model is coming out in 2014, hopefully early 2014.

Lol, or buy one. I can't talk. I'm just BARELY able to resist the urge of buying a dev kit now.

There's both the ps4 and Xbox one coming out, yet Gamespot declared the Oculus Rift the best hardware at, I believe, comic con. And watching people's reaction to trying it for the first time is priceless.

GreenRanger1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Sounds like the side effects could be dangerous for certain people.

Still though, Oculus Rift + Elder Scrolls = goodbye life.

starchild1814d ago

When games aren't configured right for the Rift they can cause nausea and headaches. But I have played for hours with certain titles and never had a single problem.

Most of these games are retrofitted for the Rift anyway. Games made for the Rift are going to be significantly better.

Dr Pepper1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Every time I hear about this device, I'm always wondering how using it for extended periods of time would irritate/affect your eyes. While part of the solution may involve upping the resolution to take some of the strain away (as the author suggests), I doubt that will solve the issue as a whole.

starchild1814d ago

It actually causes less eyestrain than a flat 2D display. Most of what causes eyestrain is focusing at the same depth for extended periods of time. With the Rift your eyes are relaxed and focusing at different depths within the simulated 3D space.

Software_Lover1814d ago

This is just something that I couldn't get into. Maybe, Maybe for a racing game for a "somewhat" truer first person driving experience but other than that......

JP13691814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Learn how to use quotation marks properly.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1814d ago

im so excited for the rift, so i really hope people figure out ways to fix things like he mentioned, or else maybe his final statements may come true for most people

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The story is too old to be commented.