iPad As Important As PS4 In Next Gen, Says UK's Biggest Independent Studio

TechRadar: ''Jagex, creator of the enduringly successful MMO game Runescape, said it believes that developers need to stay open-minded about developing games across platforms.

CEO Mark Gerhard told TechRadar that exclusivity is becoming less of an option, and that game makers need to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing platforms.''

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majiebeast1878d ago

If somebody from the critically acclaimed studio that made Runescape. The mmo that can run on everything imaginable at this point, it must be true...

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3-4-51877d ago

Why aren't people all over their TV screen touching it and swiping things back and forth whilst watching said program ?

Because it's f ing annoying.

JunioRS1011877d ago

You're an IDIOT. Please quit your job. I'm so SO SOOO sick of iphone and ipad games.


extermin8or1877d ago

Its not even where the monies at... When the generation isn't suffer ring fatigue like atm-its the big publishers and devs that taken in the £££.Remember the iPad games etc are either f2p or pence they either sell ten million or make a pittance-yeah they cost less to make but...

caseh1877d ago

Mobile games are BIG money earners for many companies. Not all but many, Gamevil for example are solely IAP which nets them a sweet $30mil a year from a handful of games which cost the user nothing to buy.

Puzzle and Dragons is the real eye opener though, a single game nets between $50mil - $75Mil...a MONTH across both iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile gaming can be highly profitable, I don't believe its as important as console/pc gaming but for companies that wouldn't get a look in on these formats, its incredibly important.

iceman061877d ago

There IS money to be made in that market. It is there to nickel and dime the way to millions. However, these millions aren't usually reinvested into the product that helped create them. They are used for the company to move to the high stakes table, eventually. Not a bad strategy at all...less risk than jumping straight in to consoles...demand (at this point) is greater than is expanding with every smartphone purchased.

extermin8or1877d ago

Yeah there is money, but for a select few companies-the rest will never make the millions of $ a year. I think if you start out as a fairly big dev it's generally easier to make money of a larger game if you an get the funding and advertising even if it just be mainly word of mouth at a higher price point. The IOS and such marketplaces are full of the same things-oversaturated even. So only a few companies are the ones that do well out of these games because for every one game released there's about 20 other versions available on the store.... So one does well generally based on their early releasesin the devices early days the rest go under.,

Ripsta7th1877d ago

They are going after little kids, they are the buyers, they just persuade a friend and he tells his friend to download and soon you have everyone going after it

iamnsuperman1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I play ipad/iPhone/android apps and games. Yet I am here writing user reviews and blogs, keeping up with the latest news, playing the latest games..... Does this make me any less of a 'real gamer'? No. These games are still very enjoyable. Don't be so ignorant

Snookies121877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

They are however taking revenue away from console/handheld games. That's what I have a problem with. I don't want them to be the primary source for gaming. I REALLY don't want to see one of my favorite series return only as a phone game. (Which I've seen a lot of lately with older game series'). Most of the time, developers make these games as a quick and easy sell that has no work put into it.

We're already seeing things like Breath of Fire most recently getting its next installment on phones. People can't seriously be okay with that over a console version can they? I know I'd be pissed if a new Chrono Trigger came out for phones instead of console or at least handhelds.

Bottom line is, phone games are cheap fun that people will play for ten minutes then put down. That's the kind of design they have, and that's how they're going to be made by their developers. Which is no place for notable gaming franchises.

caseh1877d ago


"Bottom line is, phone games are cheap fun that people will play for ten minutes then put down."

That isn't strictly true, i've been playing a game called Fishing Superstars for about a year now. Invested many, many hours into that game.

I also have a PS3 and about 80 games so the fact I play several mobile games doesn't detract from my core gaming platform.

The fact mobiles are versatile is a huge selling point. I missed out on the original Chrono Trigger, had a corrupted save file when playing on an emulater...however, its available on Android.

I would never have gone back to this on a PC emu, and consoles just don't offer things like this so i'll undoubtedly pick it up on Android when i'm stuck on a 12 hour flight later this year. :)

GameCents1877d ago

Such anger in this one.
People don't seem to like it when their precious consoles are put on the same level as mobile devices it seems.

JunioRS1011877d ago

you are correct, I definitely dislike that

Hicken1877d ago

That's because they're not on the same level.

Mobile gaming has its place, but it won't be the same as consoles. The tech will never catch up, and the interface will always lack, in regards to dedicated devices(as long as they don't have buttons, which are will will continue to be a far better interface than touch for gaming for quite some time; adding buttons is a reverse evolution for these devices, and isn't likely to ever catch on).

Simply put: current gen console games(regardless of when it happens to be) will never be available on a mobile device, so they will not replace them.

So why should the two be on the same level?

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AceBlazer131877d ago

The most popular tablet games are free though so that should say something about your market over on those platforms.

porkChop1877d ago

Says the makers of Runescape...

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