If You Like the Ace Attorney Series, You'll Like Dual Destinies | Kotaku

Kotaku: ''Just over a week ago, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, the first main series Ace Attorney game in over five years, was released in Japan. And while real time has passed, not much has changed in the world of Ace Attorney. It is still filled with excellent mysteries, crazy characters, and over-the-top courtroom drama.''

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majiebeast1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Wow wtf happend to Apollo?

linkenski1842d ago

It sounds good... but I still feel like the series is losing my interest because of all the newer, uninteresting characters that just aren't as original or charming as Maya and Gumshoe. It still sounds like the new prosecutor is pretty nice though.

The biggest problem is that I never understood why they needed to bring in a new cast and put Phoenix in the background. He had development for 3 games sure, but PLvsAA for example, showed there is still plenty of potential for new great and fun stories with the classic Nick & Maya duo. Apollo was never needed, and he's just not as well-written, but I still hope this changes that a little.