Call of Duty: Ghosts Tech Demo Called Out for Sub D Technology

"Infinity Ward has been the subject of controversy concerning the "new" engine for Ghosts, when it was revealed that it was only a heavily modified version of the engine that had been used in other Call of Duty games till date. The whole "realistic fish AI that swims away from you" bit didn't help matters either. But it's hard to deny that Sub D isn't a new technology and thus, not worth such a big deal that Infinity Ward has made it out to be."

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Vip3r1814d ago

No $&!*.

Just a feeble excuse to flog another COD title.

Avernus1814d ago

Not hating on CoD, I don't personally care for the series, but at this point even news related to CoD feels recycled :D

But yeah... hate it or love it, people still buy it. So they will continue to make it. "Why change something that ain't broken" is how Activision does business... and not just CoD.

PIRGANEK1814d ago

Sorry my friend.. I meant to give you an agree. Please take it.

StoutBEER1814d ago

Yup not a fan either but the way most people act in team games like Battlefield (which is most of the time) snipe from miles away or are just plain thick, is startin to make me want to buy the next CoD and and tard around with the rest of the tards. Gettin sick of screaming at my teammates, "Its an objective game! Play the objective!" 420 yolo noscopez is starting to look better and better.

sevilha821814d ago

That´s the problem...It is broken...

Years and years of engine modifications and bad net code(among other bad decisions) made the game hideous in past titles.

Time for a change or a brake,reflection on issues to correct and a genuine new engine are needed.

Activision cached in billions since 2007,they have new IP´s that will likelly do similar numbers in the next gen.

THey will kill it when it´s no longer profitable,and that may happen sonner they we think due to the crecent bad feedback of gamers and most likelly less sales...

Only time will tell.

Thehyph1814d ago

CoD has become like EA sports games to me.
Let's keep the same formula going over and over and attempt safe incremental additions it improvements.
It's like when I watched the EA sports part of e3 this year. You can almost sit around with some friends, brainstorm some ideas for 10 minutes, and then place bets on which one they implemented. THE BALL IS SEPERATE FROM THE PLAYER AND HAD ITS OWN PHYSICS!
Honestly, I was upset that all the people working in the media weren't booing in that hall for those games. I would have.

christrules00411814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Yeah so Battlefield enviroments are becoming bigger with more players on consoles with maps that change to the point where you can take down sky scrapers. Titanfall where you can wall run on the Xbox consoles and Planetside 2 on PS4 where it's 2000 players on a map. Seriously though dirt under the finger nails, a mocap dog and AI fish that swim away when you get close? You should have done 3 things at least.

1) Dedicated servers for consoles and we know PC already has them
2) Fix your hit detection
3) When you release a new map pack make sure you include a hardcore playlist of just those maps. Seriously sick of trying to get a new map and you get to play a new map once every 2 hours. Another issue with COD: Ghosts that I already see happening is head glitching is already a problem in COD BLOPS 2 but being able to lean to the side makes every corner be able to be a head glitch. Seriously did not think of the issues this would cause? I used to like COD but seriously your just killing it. It isn't worth the money anymore.

I'm not surprised COD: Ghosts pre orders isn't like COD BLOPS 2.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
Final Fantasy XV
Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag
Watch Dogs
Deep Down
Drive Club
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Killzone: Shadowfall
Infamous: Second Son
The Evil Within
Battlefield 4
The Order: 1886

That is just naming some of the games that have been announced and you expect to give the same game when all those games are doing something new? Give me a break.........

sevilha821814d ago

completlly agree with you.

Comparing the quality of all those titlles in that list to the obvious (and tipical clusterf##k)that is cod they will not see my money,and the money of several millions,apart from the twelve year olds that dont know what real video games are.

My guess...this year is the beguinning of the end for Call OF Duty,and even tough i want it (as a gamers view)it trully sadenns my for i as many others had real fun once,but not anymore.

christrules00411814d ago

I personally would have called this article "Call of Duty: Ghosts Tech Demo Called Out for Sub PAR Technology". Because it is all it is. Nothing new. Nothing innovative.

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