Xbox One wireless controller to cost £44.99

Two bundles for new controller revealed

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slimeybrainboy1874d ago

Seems reasonable. I've heard people being outraged at £40 for a controller but I dont know what they were expecting really.

gaffyh1873d ago

Retail price for current controllers such as DS3 was around £39.99, the pricing for the new controllers is way too much. I don't know if Sony has confirmed a price, but Amazon's placeholder shows as £54.99, this controller is £59.99 with a play and charge kit, although this one is confirmed. The prices are too much for both of them really.

If DS4 is around £45, then that is reasonable, but even that is the equivalent to $70. £59.99 is like $100, are they charging this much in the US??

iamnsuperman1873d ago

I was expecting this but I am not happy about it. Never have been. Controllers are just way too expensive.

FlameHawk1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

If only they can get rechargeable controllers.

jeffgoldwin1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Nah you want the freedom to swap out your own rechargeable batteries, not disposable controllers that you throw out when the batteries go out.

I don't like that about apple products either. Their "techs" charge you like $100 to use some proprietary tools to change the battery.

xHeavYx1873d ago

My Dualshock from 2008 says Hi

FlameHawk1873d ago

I've had my PS3 controller for more than 3 years and it hasn't gone out. Probably save more money buying a new controller for $40 than buying battery for what? Over 3 years?

SmokeyMcBear1873d ago

seriously, original sixaxis still going, and 3 dualshock 3's still going from when they were first released.

1873d ago
FlunkinMonkey1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )


Your next trolling account that you create in the future says HI.

DS3 since launch still working perfectly here too..

Kryptix1873d ago

Don't have to take the batteries out for a new set if it uses a cable to recharge the controller as you play. Wait, the Xbox One controller can't do that? Damn, and Microsoft said it will pave true next gen features when it still uses controller tech used in the 90s. Still remember the first battery operated wireless controller back then.

Cam9771873d ago

You've clearly never had a quality rechargeable device.
Like the others, my '08 DS3 says hi! Twist it however you will but you're at a disadvantage having batteries! That's similar to the game boy advance, I'm surprised they haven't change it.

DigitalRaptor1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Give a rest mr. inexperienced. The used and abused DualShock 3 that came with my PS3 when I bought one in 2008 is still full of life.

What is this??

There are also guides online to show you how to replace a battery and it's next to no cost when considering your rechargable AAs will run out eventually and you will have no option but to buy another set. The discrepancy in price you are desperately trying to bloat into your favour is a non-issue.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if the new Xbox One controllers were lithium ion rechargable, you would be as silent as a slumbering monk on problems and would be praising the convenience MS is affording you.

FamilyGuy1873d ago


Don't let MS/Apple or any other bs corporation fool you, these batteries don't just up an kill over every two years. I have an original six axis ps3 controller from 2007 that's still charges and holds a charge just fine.

You think you're paying for convenience but really you're just paying for high priced accessories (play and charge kit).
If they were really looking out for you it would come with high quality rechargeable batteries that are made to last for years (like Sonys) aaaaaand have an easy access opening so you could switch them out if they die.

The DS3 and DS4 usb rechargeable controller standard are definitely the better option of the two. MS just loves those nickels and dimes.

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jeffgoldwin1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Maybe they haven't gone out yet, but after 3 years, your battery is at least less then half the original charge. Just the way it goes with batteries, they don't improve with age.

SmokeyMcBear1873d ago

true, but controller batteries don't age say.. like laptop batteries.

jeffgoldwin1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Actually they age exactly the same. If your flip them over they are all lithin-ion batteries. theres no difference.

The only way your going to see a difference is through operator error: the laptop person leaves the battery in the laptop all the time to constantly charge. If you charged your controller 3-4 times/ per day youd see the same results. I take my battery out of my laptop once its charged and put it back in every month (its also very bad to store rechargeable batteries dead).

beebap1873d ago

Size and power comsuption does make a difference

jeffgoldwin1873d ago

Gunna be my pc controller of choice. Not sure if Im sold on the next gen consoles yet compared to my pc gaming rig I built, but this controller looks real solid.

PeEsFour1873d ago

So... you already played with both of them?

jeffgoldwin1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

No have you? Nor have I ever been able to play on any pc peripheral Ive ever bought. I just return it if im not happy.

I do like the larger size of the ps4 over the ps3, but the pc I don't think will be using that touchpad for anything.

Plus I like the stick placement better. So I hope that's even for you to judge me on without going the calling me a fanboy rant that's so popular in these forums nowadays.

Kryptix1873d ago

Yes, you are a fanboy Jeff, don't deny it. Check the link, you're just really good at hiding it. It's ok, though, I love Sony but at least I'm admitting it.

hellvaguy1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )


Hi Hickens alt. Your link proved zero like always. Grats on that buddy. Ever get tired of failing so much?

cesuf1873d ago

I wondering about the link Kyptix did too. Didn't see anything to it. Was confused at his point.

If you make false statements that's when your a fanboy. Not for stating you like a certain controller or console better.

PeEsFour1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

i can't believe people disagree this, lol. I like it how you defend someone that says a controller is better if he hasnt even played with it.

cesuf1873d ago


Well he never said "it was better". He said it was "his controller of choice". Need to at least get that much right before getting all defensive because his opinion is different from yours.

DigitalRaptor1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

@ hellvaguy

I think I passed out from the facepalm I just applied to myself.

PeEsFour1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

@cesuf lol. if something is the controller of your choice its obviously the better one for you, right? And how can he say its better for him if he has never touched both of them? Its just stupid.

CrossingEden1873d ago

if he said the ps4 was his controller of choice you wouldn't be ranting at all right now

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blackmanone1873d ago

It might be nice, but unless games stop supporting the 360 controller on PC no way I'll change. Great controller.

Rivitur1873d ago

I am curious can anyone confirm the control to be compatible with pc?

MS was trying to shy away from the question when it was asked a while ago.

Apex131873d ago

I will never buy a controller for that price. MS just keep messing up. Why MS whyyyyyyyyy

cesuf1873d ago

Anyone know if you'll still need a wireless adaptor in your usb port to use on the pc like the current gen controllers?

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