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"If Grand Theft Auto IV is anything like the previous iterations, it will offer a robust single-player experience, the kind that can last several hundred hours. That always worked well in the past, but Rockstar decided that wasn't enough this time around and added a sizable multiplayer component. Here's the challenge for Rockstar: create a multiplayer experience good enough to convince players to leave the single-player campaign for a little while. That's a tall task. After spending a day checking out four of the MP modes, Ign are pretty certain Rockstar's succeeded."

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Silellak3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

This sounds orgasmic. Rockstar really stepped to the plate and didn't just deliver GTAHD, even though it would've sold a billion trillion copies and taken a fraction of the effort.

I still need to pre-order my copy ASAP. And make sure I don't do anything to piss off the universe, resulting in my 360 dying on April 28th.

Note to self: inform family, friends, job that I will be MIA for a few months. I'm sure they'll understand. And if they don't? Well, GTA4 will always love me...

Now I just need to find some way to make money playing GTA4.

butterfinger3515d ago

will last us gamers pretty much all year long. I am so happy that they decided to release it at the beginning of the year, so we have plenty of time to play it before the big hitters start dropping (except MGS4 is only a month and a half later). I could easily see 400-500 hours of playing time between the MP and campaign. I, however, vowed that I would beat the full campaign first with this GTA, because I never finished any of the other ones. lol

Joey Gladstone3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

for even mentioning it...but here goes..Is there really no Spilt-Screen on the Xbox360 version? Legitimate question...not trying to "bash" or "flame"....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

gamesR4fun3515d ago

yep cant wait this is gonna b a blast.

Jack Meahoffer3515d ago

The review saying 360 didn't have split screen is obviously bogus. That statement alone blew the entire "review" out of the water.

Rockstar would never do that. They've already said the two versions will be the same. There may be frame rate or online functionality differences but not something a big as split screen.

Don't believe the fake hype.

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Marceles3515d ago

I didn't read the article for spoiling sake...but did they say anything about the whole splitscreen situation?

Blademask3515d ago

They did not mention split screen. I don't think its on the 360 version.

Grown Folks Talk3515d ago

you would want split screen in a free roaming game like this. Too congested in my opinion. I guess unless you have a huge tv.

Drekken3515d ago

I want split screen so my roommate doesnt have to sit there and watch me play... lol

Grown Folks Talk3515d ago

You can take turns. Like when you used to go offense/defense in football games. = }

Drekken3515d ago

True, but I would rather be playing!!! Split screen AoT, Vegas2, Resistance, Warhawk... and so on have been the most fun ive had on my system. To sit next to the person you play with is great for tactics and fun. I have a 50" TV too, so it works out.

Grown Folks Talk3515d ago

I didn't even like playing Chaos Theory co-op split screen & that area is no where near as big as GTA. Just my personal opinion. To each his own.

Grown Folks Talk3515d ago

My tv isn't 26", I loved playing split screen co-op on Chaos Theory, CT's world IS as big as GTA's, it's not my personal opinion, & to each what I like. Happy now phantom?

TheExecutive3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

I am pretty sure r* wouldnt include split screen in one version and not the other. That fact alone makes me think that review is fake.

About split screen and huge tv's.

I have a 61" and split screen still feels congested. Its just the nature of the beast. It is huge. I mean 4 player split screen is still a a 30" TV for everyone but it feels cluttered.

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Ray J3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

is there any kind of dynamic rope gameplay in GTA IV?

imagine you could attach a rope at ANY point in the city, even on a chopper, a car or pedestrians. either in an vertical or horizontal way. you could use it like in Rainbow Six Vegas, or you could play around with the ingame physics and try to be like Batman or Spiderman! imagine the endless possibilities in multiplayer! wouldn't that be cool?!!

and if not this is something R* could add with DLC, of course for free.

peace Ray J :-D

BeaArthur3515d ago

I don't think that is GTA's style, but it could come in handy I guess.

Grown Folks Talk3515d ago

but I might have to get it just for cops n crooks. Get some practice in before A.P.B. comes out.

InMyOpinion3515d ago

A.P.B. is coming out in 2009, right? I will need the rest of the year for GTA IV lol!

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