Is Tencent Being Too Ambitious? Headset Gaming Experience?

In this year's ChinaJoy 2013, Tencent will be debuting a Headset Gaming Experience for Blade and Soul China. To create a breakthrough in gaming to give players the ultimate gaming experience. Finally taking a first step into Panoramic Projection coupled with seamless integration of the gameplay experience.

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Need4Game1755d ago

someone has to take the risk and open up possibilities.

Ripsta7th1755d ago

Not china bro, failure within a couple of months

1755d ago
level 3601755d ago

I got to try this new Sony video headset but they had the Hobbit 3D film for demo.. sorry no games.

Looks ok, takes awhile ( depends on every person ) to get used to I guess.

Think it's the Oculus Rift that all gamers are really waiting/targeting for.

Lord_Sloth1755d ago

Aaaand Sword Art Online in 3....2...

1755d ago