What Are the Differences Between the PS4 and Xbox One?

Console clashes don’t get much more competitive than the upcoming conflict between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Not since the days of derogatory SEGA commercials has a system showdown promised so much drama. But with two formats vying for your finances this fall, which device is the best choice for you?

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sincitysir11005d ago

Honestly? A few features and a few games.

NewMonday1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

the PS4 advantage is simply


minimur121005d ago

I'm sure you're going to get loads of replies sayin the same as what they have, so here's mine:

What they said ^

TheHybrid1005d ago

Ps4- better single player games, cheaper, better hardware

Xbox one- better multiplayer games, dedicated servers for all multiplayer games, kinect features (not motion games, F that), makes your TV a smart TV.

There it is. Both are amazing machines. I will be enjoying both :) as more of an online gamer, I need to have Xbox live at all times so PS4 might have to wait till Xmas.

bviperz1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )


Sorry to bust your bubble, but the best multiplayer games on any platform are multi-platform, all platforms have dedicated servers, and most HDTVs are already smart TV's, so I have no idea how an the XBox One makes it one (Smarter Smart TV?). So all you have left is Kinect features (motion/voice controls) which you can have on both the PC and PS4. So, yeah.

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Williamson1005d ago

The vita is a well designed handheld that has many great games already available with more coming. It may not be selling that well, but doesnt mean its not a great device to own.

PSVita1005d ago

Not over priced for what you're getting but it is expensive for the average gamer.

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