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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 922d ago | article

What Are the Differences Between the PS4 and Xbox One?

Console clashes don’t get much more competitive than the upcoming conflict between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Not since the days of derogatory SEGA commercials has a system showdown promised so much drama. But with two formats vying for your finances this fall, which device is the best choice for you? (PS4, Xbox One)

sincitysir1  +   922d ago
Honestly? A few features and a few games.
NewMonday  +   922d ago
the PS4 advantage is simply

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MizTv  +   922d ago
minimur12  +   922d ago
I'm sure you're going to get loads of replies sayin the same as what they have, so here's mine:

What they said ^
TheHybrid  +   922d ago
Ps4- better single player games, cheaper, better hardware

Xbox one- better multiplayer games, dedicated servers for all multiplayer games, kinect features (not motion games, F that), makes your TV a smart TV.

There it is. Both are amazing machines. I will be enjoying both :) as more of an online gamer, I need to have Xbox live at all times so PS4 might have to wait till Xmas.
bviperz  +   922d ago

Sorry to bust your bubble, but the best multiplayer games on any platform are multi-platform, all platforms have dedicated servers, and most HDTVs are already smart TV's, so I have no idea how an the XBox One makes it one (Smarter Smart TV?). So all you have left is Kinect features (motion/voice controls) which you can have on both the PC and PS4. So, yeah.
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blackstrr411  +   922d ago
Lol. Vita is a disaster
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Williamson  +   922d ago
The vita is a well designed handheld that has many great games already available with more coming. It may not be selling that well, but doesnt mean its not a great device to own.
JBSleek  +   922d ago
PSVita  +   922d ago
Not over priced for what you're getting but it is expensive for the average gamer.
StinKyNuGz  +   922d ago
Xbox one has better line up for launch so that's what I'll get first then ps4 feb or so play games not concels
bsquwhere  +   922d ago
Look at all the Trolls. I could throw a Zune in here and hit every troll in the room. We got one guy who calls himself a "PSFanboy4Life" but bashes Sony! Good job. We got people bashing the Vita who 1) never played it and 2) like to bring up shit that has nothing to do with this article. Yeah Sony fans talk about specs, because were not worried about games. Sony has always brought games to a console. From GOW to TLOU and GT5. We have games. Good luck trolling you pathetic fools.

On topic both consoles will be great. Both sides will have asshole fans. Business as usual.
PSVita  +   922d ago
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bsquwhere  +   922d ago
Thank you PSVita I have faith in you. You'll be OK. I love playing Soul Sacrifice on you. *Pats head*
PSVita  +   922d ago
that'd be good news if I actually owned one lol I might have to pick one up after the PS4 though
skydragoonity  +   922d ago
Well sony has naughty dog & microsoft has double helix.
creatchee  +   922d ago
Double Helix is third party.
Hicken  +   922d ago
So then you should see his point... well, maybe not you.

Who does Microsoft have to counter Naughty Dog and SSM? Media Molecule? You can argue Turn 10 for Polyphony, but what about the rest of Sony's devs?

Even when it comes to third party exclusives, I'd argue that Quantic Dream is among the best. ATLUS also produces a lot of quality exclusives for Sony, as do "sister" companies GUST and NIS.

On Microsoft's side, who matches up?
XboxFun  +   922d ago
Why should MS counter anything Sony has? Then your argument would shift to MS is copying Sony now would it?

MS is doing their own thing and bringing in the games that appeal to the many Xbox fans. They are not trying to make a Mario Kart clone or a Smash Bros clone or trying to match their devs with other devs.

They are just focused on bringing as much content to their system as possible.
illustratedDEO  +   922d ago
the difference is in custom chip hardware, price,variety in games,live stream services, series in Movie entertainment and controller funtions.nuff said.
s45gr32  +   922d ago
The reason why the vita is doing poorly is because it's games were designed for consoles not for mobile gaming. Meaning is pretty hard to play a game like say little big planet on the go than say fruit ninja. The mobile gaming market has different audiences and the games need to be made for mobility since gamers are playing while at the DMV, park, or bus. I am sticking for the first time with PC gaming since 1989 I have owned a video game console. But looking at the fact that I have to pay to play online and I won't be able to play my current generation PS3 games on it is a huge deal breaker for me. Also the fact that gimmicks like the cloud, social features, and motion gaming are far more important than the actual games well that sucks. The features are nice and welcome ;however, it should not be the center stage of say systems like on PC games like Distance an arcade racer in a Tron like environment, the hud is on the car, able to create tracks and share them with your friends. Like among the sleep a survival horror from the point of view of a two year old kid. My point is the center stage of PC gaming is the games not a gimmick. Okay okay okay I will admit the sweet sweet extremely sweet steam deals. I got Tomb Raider a month yes one month later from its release at $25.00 no tax bwahahaha.
dcj0524  +   922d ago
Yeah and I got tomb raider for $20 used.All those "gimmicks" you mnetioned are all optional, people who like them will use them, people who don't, won't. Its always games first. Can't wait for Metal Gear Solid V,Infamous Second Son, and Battlefield 4. That said of you onpy like multiplats and already have a high-end PC then there is no reason to buy next-gen.
s45gr32  +   922d ago
Well as for tomb raider well at least the money I spent on it went to the developer. That's one downside to used games that the developer gets nothing ; however, I can't argue this due to "the first sale doctrine" is a law that legally allows customers to buy used physical products. As for games first not so sure about it meaning mega franchises like Metal Gear (should of been done by now), Final Fantasy, Halo, etc will continue to dominate but new ips will belong to indie developers. Now I understand the big three are trying their best to get independent developers to make games for their consoles. I am still not sure if most indies will make games for consoles. For me personally the PC that may not be high end at the moment but I am getting both a PC gaming experience along with a console experience.
fenixm  +   922d ago
One of those consoles has Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3.
urwifeminder  +   922d ago
For me I guess the main difference is I want a xboxone that would be it.
Williamson  +   922d ago
Don't really care about launch line ups since infamous SS will be launching soon after the ps4. I'm not looking at the ps4 short term but long term, I know for 7-8 years I'll get many exclusive games.
Dlacy13g  +   922d ago
" A demo called the Playroom will be bundled with the PS4, demonstrating the platform’s augmented reality capabilities. Titles such as DriveClub will also use the peripheral to snap photos, which will then be used as your avatar online."

And this more or less is wasted resources since very few will shell out for the camera just like with the PS3.
s45gr32  +   922d ago
I agree Sony should focused more on showing unique, innovative, exclusives demos
TripC50  +   922d ago
Why is it against rules to create a poll with agrees and disagrees?
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   922d ago

Xbox One-Not Good
s45gr32  +   922d ago
As a veteran console gamer since the NES. I must say honestly I am not hyped up for the next generation consoles. A first actually since I will always be excited for new consoles. I guess is due to being older but in reality I am disappointed that consoles are becoming more and more PC like patching/updating say games and dealing with firmware updates plus accounts. I dislike the notion of the lack of backwards compatibility not because I can't play the games I bought last generation is the fact it doesn't preserve the history of gaming being able to show your kids or friends who are new to gaming these are the games we used to play. Second the idea of having to pay to play online just sucks and there is no excuse for us gamers of why we have to pay for online gaming. Online gaming should be free of charge period. I hate to say it but PC gaming has greatly improved since the early 2000. In a lot of ways I see PC gaming on the rise and console gaming gradually declining
s45gr32  +   922d ago
The differences between the two upcoming consoles are miniscule. Well here is a list of say differences according to this article :

Xbox One

AV output
One more usb port
External power supply like the xbox 360 (terrible no improvement)
No blu-tooth
DDR 3 instead of GDDR5
Xbox live no discounts, free games, etc also very little support outside of America (very likely to happen)


$100.00 less than Xbox One (may change during launch by having Microsoft putting the xbox one at the same price as the PS4)

GDDR5 as opposed to DDR 3 which means faster, more cooling memory.
Blu-tooth support no more batteries like xbox one requires batteries
Discounts free games most likely free DLC
Still clinging to hope for free online gaming (A fantasy of mine)

So pretty much those are the differences, still PC gaming is still my prefer choice for the upcoming generation.
HardcoreGamer21  +   919d ago
are you sure xbox one has a power brick?
look at this picture.

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