DriveClub, PlayStation 4 and the future of social gaming

How Evolution Studios is planning to shake up the whole concept of online multiplayer with its incoming PS4 racer

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darthv721837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

i was impressed with drive club. This looks to be a solid racer that is geared towards good old fashioned online fun.

ZBlacktt1837d ago Show
slimeybrainboy1837d ago

I'm guessing by the way you phrased your statement and the amount of bubs you have that you got a chance to play it at SDCC or E3? Does it look anything like the trailers? The off cam videos make the game look really bad, and we haven't seen proper in game footage other than the trailers.

I know it looks better than the off cam stuff because Forza looked horrible in off cam footage but looks amazing in gameplay. So yeah, how's it looking?

darthv721837d ago

ive only watched vids and seen pics but yeah i wish i had the opportunity to actually play it.

I really like racing games and while most might like the more sim style of GT i am an old school pick up and play racing fan.

From what i have seen and read this game is more simplistic than GT but that does not make it any less fun to play IMO.

shibster881837d ago

Cant wait to get this for free on psn+ they lay out online looks really good, and this lools better than forza,its been in development for 8 years this is going to be the best driving game around, them xbox one boys are going to be so jealous. This game hopefully will bring my love back in driving games.

theWB271837d ago

It hasn't been in development for 8 years. But good going anyway.

slimeybrainboy1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Aha 8 years. It's been in development since before the PS3 was released aha.

What I think he meant was that this is the game Evolution wanted to create for 8 years, but obviously they weren't making it aha.

Longsama1837d ago

This was actually a really good article, I wasn't too interested in Drive Club before but now that I understand multiplayer aspect better this seems like it could be really fun

shibster881837d ago

Making development basically the same before you make the gamenit has to go through the development stage, its all classed as making the game the working making can mean from planning right through to shipment

josephayal1837d ago

the future of racing games