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Xbox One drops the Xbox Guide

Xbox One is dropping the Xbox 360's 'Guide' interface, Microsoft has confirmed.

Instead, pressing the Xbox button on the Xbox One controller will now take players directly to the dashboard, shrinking down whatever content they're currently running to the background.

Xbox LIVE's Larry Hryb and corporate VP Marc Whitten discussed the changes to the Xbox interface on this week's Major Nelson podcast. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

mewhy32  +   341d ago
Oh that's great. This was one of the most things that I used most on the 360 UI. I don't care about all that crap on the dashboard. I want to push the xbox button and get my guide and bam, bam, I'm write to the frieds, message, preferences, active download, etc. What ever I want or need is quick and easy to get to. Just another reason that I've preordered the PS4/Killzone combo with extra Dualshock 4 controller.
Ksar  +   341d ago
don't cry, they juste renamed it. Now, it's the "Xbox button" and you can snap programs and applications.
Need4Game  +   341d ago
Xbox, bring back guide.
sobotz  +   341d ago
"MS abandoned the Xbox Guide? No buy! I'm buying PS4!!"

some fanboy here are taking troll to a whole new level
malokevi  +   341d ago
I just want the paperclip back.
MarkusMcNugen  +   341d ago

His name was Clippy, and dont you ever forget it! lol
Pro Racer  +   341d ago
I never had a problem with the 360 guide - it had everything you needed in a relatively hassle-free form with NO ADS. If the new 'guide' is now just a shortcut to an ad-ridden dashboard like that of the 360, this marks a step backwards in my books.
sincitysir1  +   341d ago
Nice choice on combo
Docknoss  +   341d ago
Oh that's great...
JBSleek  +   341d ago
That is some serious insecurity issues huh?
mcstorm  +   341d ago
@mewhy32 I don't think its as bad as it sounds as the reason why the 360 has this menu is because it could not multi task so im sure there will be an option to snap message downloads ect instead of having the menu in the middle of the screen. Also the One is a quick switching machine to where the 360 was not so you can go to the dash do what you want and go right back to your game very quick and easy so this is really not a big deal at all when you think about it.
zekk  +   341d ago
that may be true but people like thing that they r comfortable and familiar with. it would be nice to have something similar
StoutBEER  +   341d ago
Zekk I like change and am not afraid to try new things, Which (if comments on n4g are to be believed) most gamers are scared of change. XD
mcstorm  +   341d ago
@zekk that is the problem with the tech world in general they don't like change. Windows 8 gets a lot of stick because it is a big change. People buy a new iphone every year because it dose not change the same with the iPad and the same with the new Samsung mobiles now.

Change is not always a bad thing and there was a reason for the quick menu on the 360 where there is no need for this menu on the one. The ps3 did not have this menu and the ps4 won't have it too.
Electric-flamingo  +   341d ago

You had nothing better to do with your time, but go into a ms thread and write that?

You might need to do some life evaluations bud.
blackmanone  +   341d ago
Really, you had nothing better to do with your time but go into a ms threat and write that?

You might need to do some life evaluations bud.

It goes both ways, man.
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Peckyyy  +   341d ago
why the fuck r u complaining.When you press the xbox button it will take you to the xbox dashboard and you can resume your game straight away which is basically the same way the ps3 UI works and almost definitely going to be the same with the ps4 UI and you are clearly a sony fanboy so u are basically slagging of your own console.
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   341d ago
Sounds cool. One giant guide. I trust Ms with the interface. That's one of the things they're really good at.
3-4-5  +   341d ago
Yea the xbox 360 guide button was fast, efficient, simple and it worked.

Makes sense then that Microsoft would get rid of one of the flawless things about their previous console.

Face palm.
Jumper09  +   340d ago
Yeah i really dont like that idea. If i want to invite a friend to a game or party, i dont need the entire Dashboard :/
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bigfish  +   341d ago
The only guide Xbox needs to drop is a "How to Prevent Your Xbox One from Overheating" guide
TomShoe  +   341d ago
I'm a PS4 fan, but your avatar makes it pretty obvious...
SolidDuck  +   341d ago
I wanted the blades back.
Courtney786   341d ago | Spam
THamm  +   341d ago
if you press guide it will instantly minimize your game screen and take u straight to the dash, actually a good thing especially if you always tinker with different system settings like me and don't want to leave the game, but I also ordered the KZ bundle, and won't get an X1 until Kinect is separate.
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dazzrazz  +   341d ago
Me 2 which basically means never :)
Animal Mutha 76  +   341d ago
You might be waiting a while :-0
Loki86  +   341d ago
I like this, makes it akin the Vita Hyper V, which I absolutely love. I think next gen is going more to an integrated friends list in the games, my guess anyways.
Elit3Nick  +   341d ago
Hyper V is a specific Microsoft built hypervisor, the Hyper V wouldn't be on a Vita, but a different hypervisor. Sorry, just wanted to clear that up :)
Loki86  +   341d ago
I understand that, just referring to all hypervisors in general.
Elit3Nick  +   341d ago
hankmoody  +   341d ago | Well said
If MS getting rid of the Xbox Guide is enough to make you run to the PS4, please hurry up and go, that way I run less of a risk of playing online with your neurotic self.
jamsam360  +   341d ago
People If you want SH*T the same then buy or keep your Xbox 360. You need to realize this is a new hardware launch it means new better interface and ui everything all NEW! If we keep Things the same things would get dull after a while.
I on the other hand embrace change! Thats the only way for things to progress!
I am very Excited for the new Generation! Please stop belly aching over oh no this is different! I appreciate that some people like what they like but change is sometimes good!Peace out!
Jumper09  +   340d ago
Woa how do you knot that its better? The old Guide worked fine. I dont need the entire fucking dashboard.
rela82me  +   341d ago
The guide simply acted as a low memory dashboard anyhow. It is just as fast to navigate the guide as it was the dashboard, now its just bigger and has more flexibility. Leave it to the community however to make this a negative. They could say they are giving the console free to everyone and the zealots would still spin it as a negative. BUT THE RAMZ?!?!
The Meerkat  +   341d ago
Provided the new system doesn't force even more adverts on you then it doesn't really matter.

And seeing that 75%+ of gamers will be using the PS4 it matters even less.
No_Limit  +   341d ago | Well said
And seeing that 95%+ of N4G users are Sony fanboys like myself that will be using the PS4, I came here to troll another Xbox article to justify my brand of choice. FIXED
KillrateOmega  +   341d ago
Oh, look out, we got a badazz over here.
badkolo  +   341d ago
didnt you see the ps4 menu and all the ads
Jumper09  +   340d ago
Game ADs... not some movie, music or handy ads...
N8  +   341d ago
Maybe they will have a way to take you directly to what you want. Like in preferences.
No_Limit  +   341d ago
So true,

The Sony supporters will be here soon and make this like the second coming of Apocalypse just like the speed bump of the GPU that was just announced a few hours ago, "Oh, now, the RROD will return due to the increase Mhz". smh
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christocolus  +   341d ago
lol, lol, lol........lol
GraveLord  +   341d ago
Now gamers will have no excuse to not see that One Direction ad.
sarcastoid  +   341d ago
sarcastoid  +   341d ago
This is nice. It's going to be super useful to hop back and forth between game and OS.
Dlacy13g  +   341d ago
I don't mind if they drop the guide IF everything is as fast as they claim. The reason why the guide was so good on the Xbox 360 is it by passed needing to re-load the dashboard and leave a game to access it. It was a dashboard short cut if you will. If I am able to go back and forth from the dashboard to game and back as easily or faster than I do with the current guide then the guide isn't needed and again...I am more than happy.
Pascalini  +   341d ago
People are jumping to conclusions

As xb1 has snap etc it will be fine if not better
XboxFun  +   341d ago
I was a little worried when I read the title. But after reading the article this is much, much better. More and more The One is shaping up to be the best console this new generation has to offer.
donscrillinger  +   341d ago
I can't wait to say Xbox on when I come home ..nice :-) xbox 1 complications Number none ""just my opinion ""

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