New Battlefield 4 PC Gameplay Footage Revealed

DICE is developing Battlefield 4 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One but it seems likely that while the console version now have comparable (64 player) multiplayer, the premier experience will be on PC.

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Hellsvacancy1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Looks very grey and boring (I dont mean the gameplay) I mean the textures, are they supposed to look like flat? everything looks the same color

Neixus1694d ago

Building fell and created dust everywhere in the city, watch the trailer to see how it looks before,much better.

Muffins12231694d ago (Edited 1694d ago ) is the same map they showed at e3....the e3 version they showed was the one with textures...this obviously has hardly any textures and its after the fall of the building so everything is going to look dusty.

Hellsvacancy1694d ago

Ok, thanks for clearing that up

ajax171694d ago

Looks better than COD: Ghosts

Septic1694d ago

That's not really saying much though is it?

llMurcielagoll1694d ago

Nope... I prefer playing a dog and watching intelligent fish move out of my way under the water over dynamic destructible environment and using huge explosions and floating dust and debris to my advantage and watching big tall buildings fall on my face...


Blackdeath_6631694d ago

well not Dice's fault that war isn't exactly sunshine and rainbows.

(i wouldn't worry about textures in this early stage they are probably just making sure the game works before making sure it looks good)

SnotyTheRocket1694d ago

And It's pre alpha (i think), so that could also effect the textures.

brich2331694d ago

Im sure they will add more coloful dlc maps when they realize the color palette is boring.

thechosenone1694d ago

This is the Alpha version, it has hardly any textures except for vehicles and players models.

Lior1694d ago

This is the alpha trial with the blank canvas map that was out in June/July for invited players, I don't know how this guy removed the alpha trial logos as they were jumping the message on the screen saying alpha trial when u where playing it

SlyFoxC1694d ago

its is Alpha Beta

textures and gameplay is due to change...

Just saying

1694d ago
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TRU3_GAM3R1694d ago

looks goooooood! fun also..

windblowsagain1694d ago

Looks worse then BF3 atm.

Screentear, bland textures.

I hope this is very early footage.

Muffins12231694d ago

Na man this is the final version.....this is totally not months away from the launch of the game...

Avernus1694d ago

It's called Alpha... it's the stage before Beta ;-)

papashango1694d ago

they plannin on having a 5 minute beta or what?

elhebbo161694d ago

@papashango if by 5 minutes you mean a whole month of beta testing, then yes, the beta is only 5 minutes :)

starchild1694d ago

You obviously aren't a PC gamer. The screen-tearing is simply down to the fact that they didn't engage v-sync. It's a choice. Some people game without v-sync, but personally I can't stand screen-tearing so I always use v-sync.

As far as the "bland textures", it isn't really a problem with the texture resolution, it's a matter of boring art direction. I agree that they could have made that map more visually interesting.

GDDR6_20141694d ago

What do you mean next gen consoles can't max out this game?

CGI-Quality1694d ago

You expect next gen consoles to run it like a high-end PC can run it?

dcj05241694d ago

Yup. If PS4 can run Planetside 2 on ultra it can in BF4.

CGI-Quality1694d ago

@ dcj0524: Then prepare for major disappointment. BF4 and Planetside 2 have nothing in common. In fact, the stress of both engines are worlds apart.

venom061694d ago

this is coming from a HUGE BF fanboy, but they REALLY need to stop showing these stupid grey PRE ALPHA videos... they dont do the game justice... and give CoD fangirls reason to think their inferior franchise actually is superior...

listenkids1694d ago

I think sales justify CoD superiority, I personally don't care for either but BF has terrible shooting mechanics after Bad Company 2 in comparison with the standard MW set.

sAVAge_bEaST1694d ago

I think they are just compilations people put together, after they played, and filmed, the pre-alpha test.

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The story is too old to be commented.