Tales of Xillia Pre-Order Incentive DLC Revealed

Set to launch later this month, Tales of Xillia one of the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusives of the summer. Those yet to register their interest in the videogame are being offered a new incentive to do so, reflecting the choice of host format.

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Crystallis1878d ago

im so ready for this game.

3-4-51878d ago

dude....that Art Style :-)

Ilovetheps41878d ago

This game is going to be so good. I cannot wait to play it. As far as I can tell, this DLC is only for Europe though. At least it is only a couple costumes. I'm not sure if Europe gets this, but the US get's an art book and the soundtrack alongside the game. Only a few more days left.

Icarus_High1878d ago

NA also receives this DLC with pre-order on top of the character profile book and soundtrack

Ilovetheps41878d ago

Thank you very much for that information. Much appreciated.

progaor20131878d ago

im dieing to play this so bad 4 days to go

Capt-FuzzyPants1878d ago

The only Tales game I've ever played was Graces F. I liked the combat, but all the characters were annoying to me and I didn't like the story too much.

So does anyone one know if Xilia is better in these aspects or will it be about the same. Because seeing the world in these videos makes me want to play it, but I don't know if I'll like it.

krontaar1878d ago

Nope, still basically "power of friendship" and cliche jrpg characters.

If you dont like that then I would advise staying away from it.

Inception1878d ago

@Capt Fuzzy

Well, from the looks of it, i think Xillia had better story and characters than Graces f. In Graces f, your party are full with teens except Malik Caesar. Maybe that's what made you felt annoying, even though i personally like Sophie and Pascal personality.

So, to make it simple, in Xillia your party are three teens (Jude Mathis, Leia Rolando, and Elize Lutus), a spirit in her early twenty (Millia Maxwell), a mercernary in his middle twenty (Alvin), and a 62 old year butler (Rowert J Elbert). If you think this simple description are more interesting compare to characters in Graces f, than you should try Xillia.

Oh and you can choose between two main characters in Xillia: Millia Maxwell or Jude Mathis. The main plot mostly the same. But in some point, they had different perspective and ending.

Artavasdus1878d ago

Don't worry, everyone who played the game agree on Xillia having a deeper and more mature story and cast, in fact it's considered one of the best Tales games in terms of narrative alongside its sequel, Xillia 2.

Relientk771878d ago

Why is it not next week already I need this game


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