China Joy made me feel like I would never be happy again

Shanghaiist writes: If China Joy 2013, the gaming expo billed as 'China's E3', had just been a lackluster series of formulaic booths with SARFT-approved games I would have dutifully posted a series of pictures of booth babes and cosplayers and been on my merry way [Like I did - Ed.]. And yet somehow it managed to underwhelm even my lowest expectations and be completely and intolerably horrible across the board.

Let me first preface my tirade with a note. I love video games, and I genuinely -- perhaps somewhat naively -- thought that this event was going to be a lot of fun.

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Idk which this guy is more of, a giant douche or crap sandwich...

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Think you mean turd sandwich...

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The correct term is Douche Nozzle.