Itoi Story: 20 years on, is EarthBound still a classic?

EDGE: "In the two decades since its original release, EarthBound has achieved a status bordering on the mythical. Few games are untouchable, but Shigesato Itoi’s SNES RPG is one of that select group of titles almost universally acknowledged as classics, discussed in hushed, awestruck tones by those who played it and those seduced by the legend. Its scarcity helped, of course: though successful in Japan, where Itoi enjoys celebrity status, it saw disappointing returns in the US, becoming a coveted rarity, trading for extortionate prices on eBay and the like. Its release on Wii U’s Virtual Console is the first time it has officially reached European shores."

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Neonridr1811d ago

purchased this game yesterday. Turned it on, and before I knew it, I had played an hour into the game. Timeless classic and instant fun. Loving the fact I can play it on the gamepad.

LOL_WUT1811d ago

Yea it's a very good game I currently have a teddybear following me lol. ;)

1811d ago
KentBlake1811d ago

I want this so bad on the 3DS.

3-4-51810d ago

Game would sell 100,000 easy on 3DS

RAFFwaff1811d ago

you can tell it was made with love and its quirky originality is astounding and holds up against alot of todays lazy dreck....

RavageX1811d ago

This game is and always will be a classic as far as I'm concerned.

Hicken1811d ago

How does something STOP being a classic?

This is a game I've always wanted to play. I've heard nothing but great things about the series.