Ace Combat Infinity is free-to-play

Namco Bandai's PlayStation 3-exclusive flight combat game launching this year as free download on PlayStation Network.

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Need4Game1598d ago

Namco Bandai's F2P Games;
Tekken Revolution, Ace Combat Infinity.

What's next?
Tales F2P MMO?

BlackWolf1598d ago

No!! Not that, please!!

NovusTerminus1598d ago

As a small scale side project I see no harm in doing so. Tales has multiplayer anyways, and it's not like it would have online in the main Tales of entries.

Chrono1598d ago

They already announced Ridge Racer F2P, called Driftopia.

_FantasmA_1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Namco y no make Mighty Morphin Power Rangers videogame?

Godmars2901598d ago

Not getting why Namco is doing things like this so late in the PS3's life, unless they're testing or plan on moving what they've done so far to the PS4.

ironfist921598d ago

Youre complaining about free games? Seriously?

cleft51598d ago

Because there are something like 70 million ps3s out there and Sony is still supporting there console with new AAA titles so people will still be playing the PS3. On top of that, not everyone is going to get a next-gen console right away.

GABRIEL10301597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

The company is searching for new fans and is trying to rescue the old players, the F2P games are a nice form to promote the traditional franchises and make extra money. Tekken, Ace Combat and Ridge Racer grew in PS systems and maybe in the future these franchises will have a full version.

For example Tekken revolution: nice graphics, good gameplay, the game is very short but leaves in the player's mind a good taste.

dcj05241598d ago

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!!!

Khajiit861598d ago

I love my Playstation 3