PS4 video: What you'll get on launch day

CVG: "Wondering what you'll find inside the PlayStation 4 box come launch day? We've got you covered.

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MiasmaDodo1695d ago

stop with these articles LoL

It drives me crazy because I want my PS4 right the F now

christrules00411695d ago

Do you find yourself not playing the PS3 or Xbox 360 because you want next gen to come around? LOL I find myself scanning articles a lot lately

greedybear881695d ago

Tru dat. I only play my xbox 360 when my mate comes round and we play fifa or mortal kombat. I'm getting a PS4 but both new consoles look great. Can't wait for next gen!

gaelic_laoch1695d ago

I got a PS Vita in anticipation of the PS4, I feel so weak and vulnerable right now waiting for the PS4 :-( I did not even need to buy any games just using my PS+ games on it!

MiasmaDodo1695d ago

I havent played my PS3 in weeks LoL.

all I do is read articles about next gen.
I am not interested in PS3 games anymore since E3

sarcastoid1695d ago

@ gaelic_laoch how do you like it? I'm considering getting one...

JunioRS1011695d ago

i look every day for new articles lol

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GribbleGrunger1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

"What you'll get on launch day."

An erection.

T21695d ago

i have been scanning a fair amount of articles... But on the PLUS side (pun intended) I have downloaded UC3, SR and now max payne 3 for a grand total of 7.99 (Max payne) in the past few weeks on plus.... pretty hard to not play the ps3 with that sitting around.... I even played DUST one night....

nick3091695d ago

Im not getting excited until i unbox mine, cuz it makes it more painful to wait xD

s8anicslayer1695d ago

I'm so glad that XMB is gone.

sincitysir11695d ago

Really?! I like it but I guess since it's new it gives the system a new feel which will feel beautiful!

THC CELL1695d ago

Fully custom dashboard what would be nice if we could download themes like xMb hehehe

elhebbo161695d ago

Its a bittersweet feeling, in one hand I love the XMB for its simplicity on the other I cant wait to test the PS4 UI for myself.

cedaridge1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Man, I'm like a kid on Christmas Day under the tree, anticipating the arrival of the PS4. "Please Sony, spare me and tell us all the launch date!" LOL

christrules00411695d ago

Let me guess. August 20th is your christmas then? LOL Just incase someone doesn't get it that is Sonys Gamescom conference.......

cedaridge1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

You are right, my friend! But Aug 20th will be my Christmas Eve. I'm just excited for both PS4 and XB1, but more so ps4. I hope the BEST for all system's!!!

Nik_P7571695d ago

Possibly things to still be announced. What we know we get with the PS4 or XB1 is still not final, I'm sure there is stuff to still be announced. Can't wait for launch day!

sincitysir11695d ago

I totally agree! What's better is we buy it ourselves so it's like we're wealthy kids on Christmas haha

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The story is too old to be commented.