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Microsoft’s ‘'Red Rings Of Death'’ To Be Very Unlikely With The Xbox One

We can all breathe a sign of relief. Microsoft’s Xbox One is very unlikely to encounter the same overheating problems that led to the “red rings of death” problem with the last generation Xbox 360 video game console. (Xbox One)

Xaphy  +   383d ago
very unlikely? So it means theres a very small possibility still?
sobotz  +   383d ago
the rumor is, it can runs for 10 years straight, after they released the xbox slim, RROD wouldn't be a problem
saber00005  +   383d ago
Didn't Microsoft say this with their last game console?
JokesOnYou  +   383d ago
No saber00005 they didn't because no one of course had a reason to think it would be a problem since the original xbox reliability was solid. Now with the improvements lasy gen and the rock solid performance of the latest 360's revision it seems microsoft has put alot of emphasis on their hardware durability, the X1 size is an indicator they are keenly aware of hardware longterm durability as it was design with airflow in mind which as we know decreases heat and stress to reduce wear and tear on all the internals parts.
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givemeshelter  +   383d ago
"No saber50000 they didn't because no one of course had a reason to think it would be a problem since the original xbox reliability was solid."

The irony is consumers had reason to question SONY in this area because the PS1 launched with Disk Drive issues as it was a design flaw. The drive was made of plastic and close to the Consoles Chipset. So after time the heat dissipation would warp the plastic and you would get Disk Read error or your games would stop playing altogether. Later on Sony corrected this.
Then the following generation with the PS2 you had DRE with the launch consoles. Similar issues as above and the laser reading issues. Class Action Lawsuit followed. Sony settled.
Two generations in a row....
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kreate  +   383d ago
Due to the xbone's large size, I think there's plenty of airflow in the unit.

There shouldn't be problems on a rrod scale. U just have to deal with the extremely large size.

Who wants to put that big box in a bedroom? I guess Microsoft really focused on the living room.

I'm sure it'll be a good heating unit during winter like the fat ps3/x360.
gaffyh  +   383d ago
@givemeshelter - Never had any of these issues on my PS1. Had DRE late in cycle on PS2, but just opened it up and bent the laser arm downwards a bit as it was not connecting to the teeth properly, which solved the problem for a few weeks. Then when it reoccurred, I would just do the same thing. The real solution was buying a metal laser arm for about £5, but bending the plastic one down was not so annoying for me.
ZodTheRipper  +   383d ago
It will be a red square now to match the shape of the console so a ring is pretty much impossible :D
HammadTheBeast  +   383d ago
Actually it can "run" for 10 years straight. On standby mode. Just like PC's.

The reason there's no RROD is because they removed all red lights from the console, and replaced them with green.

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JBSleek  +   383d ago
There is always a possibility of console failure of course. To have a console have 100% success rate seems crazy.
bonafide732  +   383d ago
pretty much there will never be a 100% success rate
MWong  +   383d ago
Well considering the RROD was basically caused by the motheroard overheating, unless that huge fan they put in the XBone I doubt we will see many RROD issues. But as mentioned to think a console or any platform will be 100% non-failure rate is crazy.
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rela82me  +   383d ago
There is ALWAYS some possibility for hardware failure for any sort of technology. If I were to keep my ps4 or XO wrapped in a towel or some craziness it certainly wouldn't last long. I am not worried about it, MS has never been known for their great hardware achievements and they were still pretty new to the game at the time of the 360. However, it seems they learned their lesson, and after looking at high res photos of the console, it looks like 80% of the hardware surface is all open to release heat.

I know that I should, but I have very little doubt that the hardware will not RRoD or whatever the equivalent. Another plus is they don't have to worry as much about the disc reading failing this gen because they hardly ever use the blu-ray to actually play the games in. That being said I'm personally going to be going digital, and rarely buy Blu Rays, so I doubt it will ever be used.
ZeroX9876  +   383d ago
I'm very confident that the Xbox one won't have this problem. It was the first HD console ever, but this time they got way more experience in the domain.

sure, there's a small possibility that the xbox one (or PS4) overheat, but seeing the improvement Xbox and Sony made in each of their respective slim version, I highly doubt so.
Elit3Nick  +   383d ago
There's technically always the possibility of any hardware failing, due to mistakes during it's construction, bad code, or an oversight.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   383d ago
It might be a new problem not RROD.

I'd still be worried about overheating problems given their track record with stuff like that but then again we will have to wait and see.
Foxgod  +   383d ago
The original Xbox didnt have overheating problems, only the first few batches of the 360 had it.

So you could kind of say lightening probably wont strike twice in the same spot.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   383d ago
Lets be fair shall we, older technology seems to last alot longer than current tech. Look at the ps2 as well was built like a tank and had a minimal failure rate with the only actual problem being the laser read error which was still small. Same with tech before ps2 it had alot less of failure rate.

The new tech gets seems like the more problems we get.

It's kind of like health/medicine. Yes we may be advancing in cures/medicines but new strains of viruses and old strains become more potent and adapt to modern medicine.
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saber00005  +   383d ago
That's not true Foxgod, and you know it. Xbox had a HUGE load of problems. Don't believe me? There are websites ALL OVER the net and multiple complaints to Microsoft (New and the Old).
Funnymonkey013  +   383d ago
U mean like the whole 5 years it had it cause MS has finally release A system in 5 years 2010 that doesn't have the RROD which is the slim. But like everybody says no system is 100% save that something won't happen at release. But I believe that X1 will be better then 360 upon its release sense MS had learned how to make a system that doesn't have the RROD. I have had 2 360s 2008 and 2009 and both end up RROD on me and I give up on 360 after words. my 60 GB still works great after owning it for 4 years. But I upgrade my ps3 to slim and super slim.
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dazzrazz  +   383d ago
First few batches ? Thats a generous word
ZeroX9876  +   383d ago

after going through a couple of 360s and seeing it happen to quite a lot of my friends with revision way newer than mine, the old 360 had problems for sure. After sending it quite some times to MS, I finally gave up and called a guy near my place that was advertising he could repaired 360 and it would work for a long time afterwards. Repaired it in 2008 or 2009 I think and RROD never popped out again, ever!

I never even heard of a slim 360 breaking. not saying it doesn't happens, but the latest revision is way more reliable than the old ones.
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Oner  +   383d ago
True Saber. Foxgod just doesn't like to hear facts and the fact is the term "Red Ring of Death" came from the original Xbox (you know since it actually HAD a ring unlike the 360's 3/4 "ring") thus there had to be a problem for it to get a term like RROD. It just carried over to the 360 improperly.

Here is what the original problem looked like ~ http://youtu.be/vKsTvZlUgOc... it also had the term of Christmas Tree Lights as looks liked them. Actually when the 360 started having failure issues I was constantly trying to correct people by correctly naming the issue RLOD (Red Light(s) of Death), and at the same token YLOD/RLOD for the PS3 for its issue.
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YNWA96  +   383d ago
It would be funny after that comment, xredemption, if Sony bricked millions after setup....do not tempt faith, I am getting both...!!!

Edit: I had 3 ring of deaths, but now remember, PS1 failed twice due to laser.... It was torture....
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HammadTheBeast  +   383d ago
Lol. Laser problems sucked. I got one on my PS1 (after 6 years though) and another on my PS2 (4 years). RROD I got 3 times as well, the first time I used the blanket method to make it live for 6 months,
YNWA96  +   382d ago
It bothered me that I got the RROD at certain game releases, Halo 3, Half Life Orange Box then Gears 2..... Impeccable timing.....
golding89  +   383d ago
Come on MS. I don't want UNLIKELY.. I want "Impossibility" lol.

Don't disappoint me. Xbox one and ps4 day one for me. :-)
p0tat0stix  +   383d ago
Nice backup plan @golding89 but I don't think they can honestly say "impossible" because there's always a chance.
But did you see the pictures of the cooling fan?? Looks bigger than the old VW beetles lol.
jagstatboy  +   383d ago
It's not likely because they changed the failure color to a different one.
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givemeshelter  +   383d ago
These SOC CPU's run different then the chips before.
Foxgod  +   383d ago
They designed the case in such a way that overheating is unlikely.

Also i can imagine they no longer use the x/clamp.
Drekken  +   382d ago
Unlikely? So you are saying there is a chance...
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Khajiit86  +   383d ago
That was the reason why ps3 won this gen for me. I bought a 360 on launch as well as a ps3 on launch. I have had 4 xboxes bet red ring of death and had to send them in. With the ps3 I have had 0 problems and sold 2 just to get an updated ps3 like the slim that I have now for example.

Love Sonys hardware
HugoDrax  +   383d ago
That means you are one of the lucky adopters. You also speak as if Sony's hardware has 100% reliability? I don't know how many times I have to explain this, but PS3 consoles were far from 100% flawless. Some PS3 consoles had issues YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death), or they just wouldn't turn on at all. Guess what happened if they didnt? Your game would get stuck inside the vacuum drive. I know from experience, which is why I always advised people to remove their BluRay movies, PS3 Games and Wii games from their consoles prior to powering them down. Although, the PS3 failure rate wasn't as bad as X360's failure rate, PS3 consoles still had hardware issues as well.
Khajiit86  +   382d ago
I have heard of the ylod, but everyone I know with a ps3 has never gotten it. Where as the xbox 360 everyone that I know has had a rrod before it was even a year old or really soon after.
No_Limit  +   383d ago
Unlikely? I think it is impossible as I don't see any Ring of Power on the front panel on the XB1. Seriously, just like the disc drive issue of the PS2, Sony corrected that issue with the PS3, so I am sure Xbox are spending big bucks to make sure the XB1 is well suited against the RROD fiasco. Heck, if you look at the size of the thing, there is a reason why it is the size of the Fat PS3 and has vent everywhere.
r21  +   383d ago
Good then, no one wants unexpected problems. Especially with a costly next gen consoles.
gedden7  +   383d ago
Now MS releases press for this???? NOW, shouldn't have been IDK ahhhhh, 3-4 YEARS AGO????? So did they forget didn't care or literally just figured this out??
skydragoonity  +   383d ago
I think we all know by now never to believe microsoft.
givemeshelter  +   383d ago
I don't believe any company to be honest until I get their product or service to use...
Sony has also had issues with hardware for their consoles.... In fact two generations in a row at launch...
It would be easy to say not to trust Sony every again....
JBSleek  +   383d ago
And Sony is extremely trustworthy? Lol the fact that you give your trust to corporations is funny.
No_Limit  +   383d ago
I trusted Sony with their Music Cds and my Computer paid the price.
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saber00005  +   383d ago
My super Nintendo beats this junk... O_o
Saryk  +   383d ago
If they are so confident in the performance, put it on paper with a 5 year warranty!
cabbitwithscissors  +   383d ago
Agreed. They should put their money where they mouth is. Warranty for 10 years. :)
Rai  +   383d ago
I would be very surprised and dying of laughter if somehow, something that big overheated...

I also know it won't red ring because...it doesn't have a ring anymore. its going to be the red dot of death
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5eriously  +   383d ago
Why? Did they change the colour of the LED indicators?
Master-H  +   382d ago
CADmanjules  +   383d ago
Too bad Red Box is already taken.
Adropacrich2  +   382d ago
MS clearly wont want the same expensive fiasco that was RROD and so you can bet this has all been taken care of. It wouldn't help them any if there was a repeat and so it's quite obvious they'll have made sure this doesn't happen again

If anything the previous nightmare just makes me more confident this time that xb1 wont bust. People can bang on about how you can't trust MS but you have to be a little naïve to think they'd repeat the same nonsense this time
greenlantern2814  +   382d ago
This is good news for people buying Xbox1, of course there is still the possibility that it has problems but at least ms is aware of the importance of quality. They know that having the same problem would be another pr nightmare.
But this statement is coming from ms and it is not like they would come out and say oh the rrod will be back but we don't care. IMO they learned their lesson, and will most likely do everything possible to keep that from happening again
My_Outer_Heaven  +   382d ago
That is a load of BS... all technology has the potential to malfunction. I'd like to see them give people a 3 - 5 year warranty if they are so confident with their system.

PS4 passes through FCC certification which is almost 2 months ahead of the PS3 which passed the FCC September 15 2006. The FCC regulates communications via radio, television and more; with its certification, the system is approved for U.S. sale.

I've just heard that the Xbox One GPU has been overclocked by 53Mhz... bringing it to 853MHz. Obviously that's not going to make much of a difference they might be able to squeeze a couple more frames per second but thats about it.

I bet the new Xbox One runs hot... and overclocking it could potentially cause overheating issues.

Did Microsoft ever address the world about the yield issues for the ESRAM? I heard the ESRAM was overheating and they've had to downclock the ram.
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rainslacker  +   382d ago
Technically both systems will probably run cooler than their predecessors. Most heat is generated by power that can't be consumed, so that power is released in the form of heat. On top of that the actual power consumption generates heat. With newer chips...particularly the types used in next gen systems...they are made specifically to draw less power, thus reducing the need to release as much heat, and since they run with less current, less heat is generated by the actual operation. This is the same principle used in extremely closed devices like smartphones or tablets.

Increasing frequency can increase heat by some margin, as the transistors work faster, a bit more current is needed, but it's not likely anything significant enough to make the difference between running/meltdown. The lower speed clock was to get a higher yield on production of the chips. The lower the frequency, the more likely it would be that a fabricated chip would pass it's QA test.

The fact that both systems have pretty generous heat ducts, and in the case of the X1, ample interior room, just makes it pretty obvious that cooling likely won't be an issue so long as there isn't a design flaw that causes heat to get trapped and recirculated inside...kinda of like some of the PS3 fans on some models.

Otherwise, to say that the system will never fail is not right. Electronics today are just too complicated to guarantee that. However, a well designed system can mitigate design flaw failures such as the RROD. For this very reason, I wouldn't mind a beefy warranty on any electronics device, even if it's just limited after the first year, however it's also the reason why that kind of warranty is rarely seen on electronic devices.
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mochachino  +   382d ago
I don't know, they just over clocked the GPU
SynestheticRoar  +   382d ago
I remember a Microsoft spoke person telling that to me about the 360. He told me Gamestop must have gave me a floor model. LOL. Five times I doubt it.

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