Get Journey From PSN For A Fiver

"Journey, the beautiful title which won TSA’s community game of the year award appears to be on sale on the PlayStation Store right now.

It’s £5.19, with an extra 10% off if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, meaning that you could get the game for just £4.67."

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Killzoner991876d ago

If you don't already own this game, you really can't call yourself a gamer.

JohnCartenper1876d ago

Liking pretty stylized artsy graphics and gameplay = being a "gamer" now?

Ultraplayerxp1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

What game haven't you played? Cause if you haven't played that game yet, you really can't call yourself a gamer.

I really have a problem with statements like that.

Master-H1876d ago

That's an ignorant comment, what if he was in a comma all of 2012 and just woke up right now ? is he not a gamer Mr.Killzoner ?
What if he was a PC only gamer and recently bought a ps3 ?

Killzoner991876d ago

No , this was the game that finally let the world know that games are art. No other game has done this and it will be a very long time until another one even comes close.The true gamers knew this right away.

LucioPulci1876d ago

Your opinion may be due to ignorance.

There have been a lot of artsy games before Journey came out.

Heck, lots of FREE FLASH games are even more style or message oriented.

Let me guess, '99 is your year of birth?

ginsunuva1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

The development process can be an art, but so far most games are just bad art like CoD.

KongRudi1876d ago

Fantastic game... Not really into trophies, but this is the only game I got 100% trophies on. :P I think I've played through it 10 times, and watched other play through it 20 times wich is no substitution for playing it myself, but still fun.