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Features That Makes Xbox One The First Choice of Gamers for Next-Gen

A stage is all set for a fierce battle to take place in video gaming industry in just few months time. Gamers across the globe waited for this moment for a very long time, two gaming gaints Sony and Microsoft will go head-to-head against each other this Fall with their respective next-gen consoles "PS4 and Xbox One". The heat is already on and the competition between Sony and Microsoft is getting more and more intense with each passing day, and so the showdown between Xbox One and PS4 will definitely go down in the history books. (PS4, Xbox One)

golding89  +   845d ago
This list is on point with all the reasons why I will buy an xbox one Day one.
CapsuleMonkey  +   845d ago
Exactly! The diversity and great features that xbl offers is astounding. There really isnt competition when it comes to another console network. I have to get the one first for gamers sake.
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from the beach  +   845d ago
Snap could actually be pretty cool.

I think now that we know that great games won't be a problem we can take a more measured view of all the 'TV' stuff.
xHeavYx  +   845d ago
Diversity... SMH
I only want to do one think with my gaming console, play great games. I can always get most of the apps like Skype for free, and as for TV integration, I'll just walk to my other TV when I want to watch a show
YNWA96  +   845d ago
So you need 2 TV's, another great reason for X1..... Smh....
JokesOnYou  +   845d ago
Yeah, they pretty much nailed the things I like best about the X1 here are mine in order of importance:

Exclusive launch lineup -Other than a few sony exclusive xbox has always had the type of games I prefer more

XBL -Hands down the best online gaming service

Kinect 2 -Despite the hate(some justified) I just want new options, instead of status qou and I think Kinect 2 can deliver

Dedicated Servers (Cloud) -Who doesn't love dedicated servers? The Cloud, uhm we'll see???

Better Matchmaking -Keep making online gaming better

Multitasking (Snap Mode) -Great feature kees everything there for instant access

TV Integration(HDMI in) -I think this is cool to have them intergrated instead of switching input back and forth

Skype. -I already use this to talk to my nephews and family in Virginia

Twitch TV -Im not big and saving stuff for bragging rights but I know alot of people are going to love this especially with a great service like Twitch

Smartglass -Its OK but not something I really will use much

NFL partnership -Sports fanatics will love this and theres no bigger league in the US than the NFL
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JokesOnYou  +   845d ago
oh damm, I couldn't edit above 2nd on my list only to games is the controller, its easily the best in the world imo, now they improved the D pad and added feedback to the triggers but most overloked is the new wifi direct capability.
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Rivitur  +   845d ago
How much does one of the cables that DOESN'T come with the X1 (not the xfinity cable box with the same) which is mandatory to watch TV even cost?
I_am_Batman  +   845d ago
I respect that but I'm looking for a games console and a lot of these points have nothing to do with games directly. I'm not saying that the X1 ins't good in the games department cause they've shown some great games but I won't pay for all these features that I'm not interessted in. Maybe I'll get one after they cut the price if they continue to support hardcore gamers with exclusive games.
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n4rc  +   845d ago
Fair enough.. I can respect that..

It isn't for everyone.. But I'm one of those people that really want all of it..

Choice is great for consumers..
green  +   845d ago
Opinion respected. But for me it is like asking the question. Will i buy a phone that all it can ever do is make phone calls? Absolutely not. That also applies to video game consoles for me.

I would like my console to entertain me in various aspects including gaming. My bday in April, i had a gathering of 10 friends. I used my Xbox 360 youtube app to play music and my ipad was creating a playlist in advance and acting as a controller for the app. When Next morning, i used it to watch BBC iplayer and later on played some Forza.

I consider myself to be a very dynamic person with a very active social life and i expect the same from my devices.
British_Knight  +   845d ago
Each of the features listed in the article are free to XBOX Live gold members; there aren't any additional cost on top of the gold membership. I love video games, but I've reached the age in which my purchasing have to serve more than one purpose. Sometimes I don't have time to play video games, but I do watch a little tv everyday - Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Homeland, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, to name a few shows and I love the NFL. Being able to watch tv through XB1 is a big deal.

So, I'm definitely buying XBOX One before I buy a PS4. There are limitless innovative gameplay strategies with Kinect 2.0. Imagine playing Madden, naming your audibles and having hand gestures for hot routes - tap the side of your head for a fade route, lift your leg to snap the ball, call your own plays vocally though Kinect. That would be insane.
I_am_Batman  +   845d ago
@green: It's funny that you mentioned mobile phones cause I still have an old Samsung phone without Internet. I never bought a new cause I'm perfectly fine with it's functions. I'll get a new phone eventually but out of the same reason I won't go and buy the newest iPhone cause I won't spend that much time with all the fnctions anyway.

I want to point out that $500 for a console with all the functions and the hardware of the Xbox One is a lot more valueable than $600 for a phone.
rela82me  +   845d ago
That was the first reasonable post I have heard from a pro Sony fan. Notice I didn't use fanboy, which I don't believe you are after that statement. You're right, the console has a lot of features which are cool no doubt, but not for everyone who wont use them. I'm sure there will eventually be a price drop or a good sale somewhere that the reasonable Sony fans can enjoy the great list of things Xbox has to offer, and that works in reverse as well.

I admit, im probably pro MS at this point, but I also can't wait when I can get PS4 sometime down the road as well.

So on that note good sir, nice post bubble up and agreed.
JokesOnYou  +   845d ago
I_am_Batman, I get your overall point but this part didn't make sense to me:

"they've shown some great games but I won't pay for all these features that I'm not interessted in"

-It's not an extra cost for those things you are buying the X1 hardware & all its capabilities, just like this gen added functionality/ updates don't cost you more, which is exactly why we should all hope any console will cook us breakfast at a reasonable fixed price.
HugoDrax  +   845d ago
Exactly! plus we may get our next gen consoles before or on NOVEMBER 5th.

Check out this link:


Xbox.com had a November 5th release date yesterday, and now today the same link doesn't have a date but gives an option to pre order. If I upload my screenshot I can prove it, as I think someone slipped up and outed the console release date 11/5/13
Cmk0121  +   845d ago
i think for sure they will release right before if not on the same day as COD ghosts. not a fan of COD but it is a system seller and the most popular game in gaming at the moment.
Muffins1223  +   845d ago
Half of those reason where bullshit,i only counted 4 good reasons and half of the other reasons ps4 can do
paradigmfellow  +   845d ago
How is the weather in Redmond?
walkincarpet  +   845d ago
Xbox controllers are significantly better for most games... and they finally fixed its only weakness, d-pad.

did he list blue-ray? by adding blue-ray and investing in 1st party exclusives MS resolved its two biggest weaknesses.

I've owned the past two PSs as well but have only played a few of their outstanding single player exclusives (demon souls was my favorite) because Xbox out performs in every way aside from graphics... and that "every way" gap is growing with next gen.
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sincitysir1  +   845d ago
Xbox has never appealed to me but I may buy an Xbox one sometime in te future! It's starting to sound better and better!
British_Knight  +   845d ago
You seem like an openminded person.
sincitysir1  +   845d ago
I try! It's impossible to say I'm only Sony or pro ps4 only. I love playstation and Sony and would follow them blindly but to say Xbox one isn't doing some cool stuff would be a lie. I still have to see them actually perform all these things they say they want to do but it's a start!
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   845d ago
Snap mode and twitch are about the only features that interest me.

Launch line ups are never the bread and butter of consoles as they will be over shined quite soon as whether its pure hype or actual good games to come out in the future.
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solidworm  +   845d ago
WOW a long list of things that dont interest me and the ones that might are pure hyperbole and untested at the moment. 2/10 must do better. Im a gamer not a couch potato getting fat watching soaps and awful American sports.
British_Knight  +   845d ago
What interests you about PS4?
solidworm  +   845d ago
The fact SONY put gamers of all budgets and back grounds...FIRST...and GAMES...FIRST.
rela82me  +   845d ago
Nice stereotype buddy, speaking of getting fat... There is always the kinect option to work out, and have a little fun while doing it... It sucks you don't like TV! Oh well try playing a game on the thing, did you know the Xbox One plays games as well? WOW!

Oh boy, I may be grasping at straws here, but something tells me you like the internet... I mean where else do you get the option to troll? Hey guess what THEY HAVE INTERNET AS WELL! OMG!

Hate sport, I know... Gee wizz, it sounds like you would rather watch games! Well as Im sure you guessed I got GREAT NEWS FOR YOU! There is a twitch app so you can get TRIPLE THE TROLLING done! OMFG!!!!

Thats okay though, we here understand that people don't want more options. Some people want to stick the game into console and press one button and play a game. Even though we support that, we understand that most people like yourself aren't open minded... We will however probably see you on XBL in the future anyhow. Have a good day!
Rivitur  +   845d ago
Xbone doesn't play WOW..... and kinect is just there to have you wave your hands. The thing is MS doesn't give a shit about its customers what NFL yea I'm sure people in Japan are jumping for joy and MS even said the TV feature will not be a launch option in other countries the only care about NA. Also the mandatory day one update that takes off restrictions I'm sure the troops are happy because they cant connect to the internet to update it so they are stuck woth a paperweight. It is because of these terrible practices why the X1 should burn in hell with the heat of a red ringed 360.
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green  +   845d ago
I was 100% certain that Sony was going to announce a partnership with Google to offer Google TV and a version of Android OS for the PS4. I am actually quite puzzled that this has not yet happened.

No matter weather we like it or not, entertainment will play a bigger role than ever in consumer adoption of next gen consoles. Games will still be the deciding factor but not as big as before and we both know that both the X1 and PS4 will have games but what of the other features?

If Microsoft does confirm that the 100,000 apps on WInRT can easily be adapted to work on Xbox1, then that could significantly turn things around and also prove itself as a serious all in one device that excels in all areas.
hankmoody  +   845d ago
All this list needed was Titanfall and it would've been on point. That's all I needed to see before I preordered. All kidding aside, great list. This system gets better with every passing week.
medman  +   845d ago
No thanks. I'll be playing a ps4 first. If the goons at Microsoft ever come to their senses and drop the price, I will consider the Xbone. Till then I'll be playing the more powerful console with the best first party devs in the industry.
VforVideogames  +   845d ago
Have fun playing games with no innovation.
oNIXo  +   845d ago
This is probably the most down to earth comment section about the XB1. Guess the little kiddies haven't gotten up yet.
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British_Knight  +   845d ago
Killzone isn't better than Halo, Gears or COD. Infamous was cool. Second Son looks a lot better though. Uncharted, I've beaten all 3, are linear games that all have tons of scripted set pieces, but people complained about the scripted set pieces in Ryse. Hopefully Crytek improves the combat.

So you think PS4 is more powerful because of GDDR5 Ram? I believe Microsoft chose GDDR3 Ram for a reason. Their software and cloud power may offset the difference. Who knows until the final system specs of XB1 are revealed.
Ezz2013  +   845d ago
your opinion on games is just your opinion so i won't comment on it

"""So you think PS4 is more powerful because of GDDR5 Ram?"""

no ps4 is more powerful because
the ps4 GPU 7870 is 50% stronger than xbox GPU 7770
and DDR5 Ram is better/faster than DDR3 Ram

just Facts ;)
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VforVideogames  +   845d ago
Get out with your BS
rela82me  +   845d ago
the 50% is false now, but not far off... however, RAM really isn't going to be a factor. From my understanding both use right around the same for games, and I also believe that the DDR3 will be better and handling multiple smaller tasks. Which, I may be wrong I don't know a whole lot of hardware, is what RAM is used for. We'll see here shortly how much the 'superior hardware' will match up, I don't expect by much. However it is superior none the less, I just hope it is supported as such.
skydragoonity  +   845d ago
Xboxone is not the ideal console for a gamer.
rela82me  +   845d ago
Why is that? was that thought out or are you just reading the script Sony fanboys have next to their bibles?
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   845d ago
I'll stick with the better console with the best proven 1rst party developers in the industry. Naughty Dog makes games for true gamers.
blanket14  +   845d ago
they are both great choices but I do prefer sony just because this gen I went through 3 360s and just so everyone knows gddr5 ram is faster litterly twice as fast heres a link proving my fact from amd itself.... http://www.amd.com/us/produ...
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PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   845d ago
And optimized to minimize latency
Brix90  +   845d ago
I'll probably buy one in the future so I can wait to see if these feature act as flawlessly as MS says
JohnCartenper  +   845d ago
PS4=same ol' same ol'but more powerful
XB1=new approach but terribly underpowered

Not sure which one to pick?

I'll go with a PS4 but I'm underwhelmed.

And only because of exclusives
contradictory  +   845d ago
i'll buy one when they make kinect-less version.
frankly i don't trust Microsoft
colt-of-tipton  +   845d ago
Great list of features , just wish they would hurry up and tell us the release date !
christocolus  +   845d ago
Good work ms.. keep it up.the xbox one is going to be awesome...so awesome.
christocolus  +   845d ago
This article hits the nail on the head.my reasons were stated there too. Good work ms.. keep it up.the xbox one is going to be awesome...so awesome.i love rare and halo and the fact that ms is actually focusing so much on games and even creating new ips(quantum break) and that game from black tusk has me kind of excited cos of the talent ms has been hiring recently into their internal studios.
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panbit86  +   845d ago
The problem with MS isn't features it's trust.
With both their previous consoles gamers were left hanging at some point...with the first xbox because of 360 and with 360 because of Kinect. Now with X1 all the things they tried just shows what their way of thinking is and what future they envision for the medium.
Also it's not that PS doesn't do anything else besides playing games but shows what the product's/company's focus is! Sure now some exclusives show up for X1 but so did for both their previous consoles and most of them got zero support further! Great ips like Jade Empire, Blinx, The lost odyssey, blue dragon etc and many more never saw the support they deserved! Creating a rich and diverse library of games and the creation of a strong core of studios just isn't their way of doing things and imo that's what wins a gamer not gimmicky features of questionable quality.
Mikeyy  +   845d ago
This list brings back nightmares of TV, TV, TV, Sports, Kinect..
jakmckratos  +   845d ago
I'll file this under "Articles that Can Only get Hits by Stating things That are Obviously Lesser Accepted According to Popular Concensus"
xxxsiegezzz  +   845d ago
Xbox1 really doesn't have anything appealing to me:

Multitasking (Snap Mode): I don't care.
TV integration: I don't care
Dedicated Servers and Cloud: OK, but not very inportant
Better Matchmaking: I don't care
SKYPE: I don't care
Kinect 2: I don't care
SmartGlass: I don't care
Twitch.tv: I don't care
The NFL on Xbox One: I don't care
a_adji  +   845d ago
All the things api can do on my current devices. Multitasking is stupid because why do I want to tpwatch a movie during a phone convo on Skype?

Why do I want to plug my sky box into ,y Xbox and then I have two devices on doing the same thing one can do?

Halo. Don't like

Servers and cloud hmmm not that great unless its for instant game play

Smart glass....haaaaa ok not

I'm in the uk and majority of the Xbox feature is USA centric or stupid. MS has lost my trust this time around so maybe when the machine becomes £200 quid or I get it from the back of a van then I will have one
ShinnokDrako  +   845d ago
Features That Makes Xbox One The First Choice of Gamers for Next-Gen? I really doubt that those features would make a console "the first choice".

The only thing i see there it's about the exclusives, the rest it's like a "well, it's not so bad but you have all of those extra features so you're ok".
Hell no, i'm not ok. If i want to watch TV, i watch TV with the console off (completely off, you know, energy and so). If i want to play, i don't want ppl to call me with Skype, damn. And if i don't play, i don't want to use Skype on a console. Kinect 2? Well, i stopped using my 360 after getting the first Kinect. Lot of promises and nothing delivered (worst purchase ever, for ME, i understand Kinect lovers and fanboys, but i didn't like it at all). Exclusives? Ok, i liked them, i owned all the Halos besides 4 and so on, those could be the only reason i could think about getting an XB1 but... no, this time my preference goes to the PS4.
Funantic1  +   845d ago
The X1 is just more bang for the buck. I'd easily pay the same price for it that I did for the PS3.
Red_Devilz  +   844d ago

No offense to anyone, but this list is spot on why I DON'T want Xb1. Not even 1 feature truly excites me from a next-gen gaming console perspective. And, if I look at these features individually, they are just as useless as they look together in XB1.
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