Hideo Kojima may appear in Metal Gear Solid 5

Well, this is interesting. The official MGS Facebook page has shared a photo of Hideo Kojima wearing a Mocap suite.

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THamm1877d ago

It's already known a lot of the enemies are staff members, so I wouldn't be surprised by a Kojima easter egg cameo. Matter of fact he was in Peace Walker in the back of the jeep and as one of your recruits as well

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1877d ago

Yea he was lol. I was just about to mention that.

Pure wtf moment.

xReDeMpTiOnx1877d ago

He was the voice of god in mgs4

Now he might be in mgs5

This guy needs his own religion

xYLeinen1877d ago

He needs his own religion? Do we really need more war?

fsfsxii1877d ago

I actually believe that religion wars and talks over religions are pointless. Well, you may ask why, i tell you because everything is set in stone and everything is up to you. Its your life. ;)

TheOneEyedHound1877d ago

Voice of god? Didn't notice any voice of god.

xReDeMpTiOnx1877d ago

Listed in the credits of mgs4

It had the listing

Voice of god: Hideo kojima

Mr-SellJack1877d ago

This is a bit old but i'm glad it's finally here.
Kojima san rocks!

fsfsxii1877d ago

Awesome, can't wait to CQC him into a wall

KrimsonKody1877d ago

It would be epic if they position him somewhere very close to the end of the game, & when you do that, that's when the game will erase your save, for real this time! He laughs, then you see the intro screen, no saves.

KrimsonKody1877d ago

That sounds cool!
Now, what we need to see is David Hayter in a mocap...

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